Why I hate Lovie Smith...

Actually, it's another "I Hate Rex Grossman" Diary. But Lovie's the reason we have to worry EVERY GAME about Rex Grossman.


Lovie Smith is too damn arrogant and prideful! Admit you have made a mistake in endorsing him and bring in an average, but more consistent Brian Griese.

This Bears team is too damn good to be forced to play from behind. Or to make up for "mistakes" by the quarterack. In my opinion, Rex doesn't "get it". Whatever that is. He's not the answer.

Some arguing points.

The Bears have UNDENIABLY the best defense in the NFL. It's not perfect-the run D is average at best-but their prowess for takeaways and their pass D is so incredible. The Chargers D is good. They are the only one that is close. Ravens are good, but they rely too much on turnovers-give up way too many yards and points. The Bears also get turnovers, but don't "rely" on them. So, best defense.

They have ARGUABLY the best special teams. Probably a little more subjective, so it's arguable. But they have the best punt returner in the game. They have the best kicker (this year) in the game. They have a Top 5 punter (in my opinion). They have a Top 5 coverage unit (Adrian Peterson, Donte Wesley, Brandon Ayenbedejo-sorry for the misspells). To me, this leads to the best Special Teams-arguably.

They have a Top 8 (maybe Top 5) rushing attack. The only thing that keeps it from definitely being better is the fact that they ran so little to start the year. I still consider it at least Top 8.

They have a Top 10 receiving corps. It's mostly young and unproven, but if you combine "potential" with production, I think it's Top 10. It's arguable, but top half isn't.

They have a top 5 o-line. Veteran, pro-bowler, injury-free and consistent. Top 5 overall.

What's the one problem? Their quarterback. As we have seen in the wins, if he's on, this team is far and away unbeatable. And they are, in my opinion, one of the best teams EVER. That's if Rex Grossman is "on". When he's not, this team is as beatable as any other team considered for the playoffs.

Lovie Smith continually says [to paraphrase], "This quarterback is 10-2. I can't believe the ridicule." Sorry, dude. Your QB is not 10-2. Your defense, special teams and running attack are. They are 10-2 DESPITE your QB.

Overall, Rex Grossman has done nothing contributing to this team winning a single game. As I said, when he's on, the Bears WHOMP opponents. But these seem to be games the Bears had in hand and would have won with even an average QB.

My "per game" opinions: (comp/att yards TD/INT)

Week 1
Green Bay Packers - 26-0 a shutout
Rex had good, but not great numbers (18/26 262 1/1) The Bears would have won this with me at QB.

Week 2
Detroit Lions - 34-7
Grossman had great numbers (20/27 289 4/0) This game is arguable as to whether or not he helped win this game. But as far as another QB doing the same-save Kyle Orton.

Week 3
Minnesota Vikings - 19-16
Grossman (23/41 278 1/2) below average numbers. Supporters will say "he threw the game winner". It wasn't an exceptionally tough pass, most starting QB's would have made it. And a) it wasn't a game-winning drive-it was made possible by a defensive-forced fumble and b) it was only needed because Rex threw a interception-turned-TD on a previous drive.

Week 4
Seattle Seahawks - 37-6
Grossman (17/31 232 2/0) Average numbers. The Seahawks were with out Alexander for the first game. It would have taken a horrible QB performance to lose this one.

Week 5
Buffalo Bills - 40-7
Grossman (15/27 182 2/0) Hardly special.

Week 6
Arizona Cardinals - 24-23
Grossman (14/37 148 0/4) Not much to say. Everyone knows the Bears should have lost this game-and because of Rex Grossman. Because of the defense and special teams, they won.

Week 8
San Fran 49ers - 41-10
Grossman (23/29 252 3/0) Very good. Would the Niners have had any chance?

Week 9
Miami Dolphins - 31-13 loss
Grossman (18/42 210 1/3). I don't pin this loss solely on Rex. I think the Bears were overlooking an improving Miami squad. But it was still a bad performance. And they didn't win. So he didn't contribute to a win. And he did contribute to the loss.

Week 10
New York Giants - 38-20
Grossman (18/30 246 3/1) Very good performance. The ONE AND ONLY game where it can be argued that Grossman had a relatively large hand in the win. It was still a good performance by the defense and Thomas Jones. After this game, it really looked like Grossman was making a turn. I applaud his effort here. But I still think any above average performance (an "average" one might not have done it) would have got the win.

Week 11
New York Jets - 10-0
Grossman (11/22 119 1/0) Not great numbers. The TD pass to Bradley was 50% of the yards. Without that, he ends 10/21 62 0/0. You can say that play "sealed it" if you want. And it was owed much more to the DB's slip and Bradley's run than the pass thrown. But the Robbie Gould FG was the real game winner, anyway-it was another shutout. It was a hard fought defensive battle won because of the Bears two INT's.

Week 12
New England Patriots - 17-13 loss
Grossman (15/34 176 0/3) horrible performance. A lot of critics said it wasn't decision making, just bad throws. Fine. But I don't see Rex as an incredibly accurate QB. Again, I won't attribute this loss to Rex-I don't think he "caused" it. But he certainly didn't make it easier. They may have lost this game with an average QB-and it would be their only loss all year.

Week 13
Minnesota Vikings - 23-13
Grossman (6/19 34 0/3) Egads!!! Really? This win is only because the Bears have the best defense in the NFL and the best punt returner, too. I grant this was a bad "throwing" day, but still... Brad Johnson, Brooks Bollinger and Tarvaris Jackson combined for 178 total yards on 21/39 with only one more interception against the best D in the land (2nd best pass D). And Minnesota had the 3rd-worst pass D. And they moved up five spots. 34 F*ing yards?!?!

Anyway, two points to mention: I don't blame either loss on Grossman (although he was DEFINITELY a factor), and

Two phrases: A) The Bears loss despite a great performance by Rex Grossman. B) The Bears won despite a bad performance by Rex Grossman.

You won't hear A) this year. The team is too good. If Rex gives a great performance, the Bears will beat ANYONE in the NFL. I have no doubt about that. You have heard, or could have heard B) at least twice this year ('Zona & Vikings2), maybe three times (Vikings1).

And reason for the title of the diary: Lovie Smith is directly to blame. He is trying to save face. The ONLY reason he has for continually pumping Grossman out there is because of the statement that if Grossman does well, the Bears are unbeatable. The problem with that is, the chances of getting the "good Rex" are becoming more and more unlikely.

I think it's due more likely to two other factors. 1) If Griese comes in and does well, but does poorly in a playoff game, Smith would be a scapegoat-he's saving his own ass. 2) If he brings Griese in AT ALL in other than garbage time, Rex's fragile ego may be shattered for good. (And I do give credit to Smith for bringing in Griese at all, but only seven passes? The Bears were clearly passing midway through the fourth quarter when all they had to do was run to try to pump Rex's ego. They haven't 'not passed' in garbage time to avoid running up the score. Lovie likes running it up.)

I fully grant that if Grossman somehow gets on a run and plays three average to great games in the playoffs, the Bears will win the Super Bowl. However, it is looking more like he may play bad games, and the Bears would be no better than 6 other teams. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Or anything called consistency.

My take is that you throw Griese in there and see what happens. I'm sorry, but Griese was signed to how long? And if Grossman blows it in the playoffs, then what? Sit Griese on the bench next year and "hope" the G-man improves? Griese is a starter, despite signing up here to be a reserve. If he is sitting halfway through next year, you will not have a happy backup QB.

Anyway, my main point is that this team is SOOOO good, they don't need "great" performances by a QB to win. Ever. That's the only thing one could reasonably say Rex brings over Griese. He doesn't bring consistency and he doesn't bring "game control". Right now, Grossman is not a good quarterback. He is bad. Griese, while not great, is at least average. And consistent. And that's all the Bears need to win the Super Bowl.

If the Bears don't win the Super Bowl, it will be because Rex Grossman played poorly. And that will be Lovie Smith's fault. And I hate him for that. (Unless they roll through the playoffs with Grossman playing out of his mind in which I will love EVERYBODY!!!)

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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