Angelo Better Watch Out!

Jerry I hope you're reading this.  This would be my approach to this year;s off-season. Jerry if your bosses see this they may offer me a job for my clever use of draft picks, free agency moves, and financial decisions.  If you use them though, I won't tell.  

Here's 10 things I would do to put this team in position to bounce back.

  1. I would sign Grossman to a incentive based deal.  If he does well, he see the money, if not he becomes a decent backup QB.
  2. Give Orton a chance to compete for the job.  He's not pretty but he doesn't turn the ball over.  His pocket presence was decent.  Hopefully, he can learn not to lock in on one receiver and improve his accuracy.
  3. Trade Benson for a 3rd round pick or better and/or Moose for a 4th round pick or better.
  4.  Acquire Michael Turner!  This is so huge I can't even describe how much.  This would be the #1 goal.  If we can't get Turner, look for a value pick at RB in either the 3rd or 4th round.
  5.  Cut Fred Miller and pick up two new good offensive lineman. Definitely pick-up one through free agency and two if possible.  If not draft one in the first round.  If we pick up two through free agency, then trade the #1 pick for more picks or draft a QB if available, or safety, or RB (I love Mendenhall being an Illinois fan).
  6.  Draft a safety day 1, but also make an attempt at Atogwe from St. Louis.  The guy is a stud and realistically we probably couldn't get him, but at least I would explore the option.
  7. Sign Bernard if he is being reasonable or else let him go.  Honestly, he could be very good, but his inconsistency isn't worth the big bucks.
  8. Sign Briggs if he will give us a hometown discount.  I don't see this happening.  He obviously care about the Benjamins, but I think it is worth it to offer him a good deal, but not an outstanding deal.  If not thank him for his contributions and let him go as well.
  9. Sign Rueben Brown and Brendon  Ayenbedajo.  Rueben will sign cheap and I believe Brendon wants to stay.  He may get a little more than desired, but he is a valuable leader to our special teams.  This is the year of saying good bye if anyone tries to break the bank.
  10. Finally, make the smartest move of the off-season and make sure that we sign Hester to a huge contract now.  The guy is getting faster every second.  I think he hits 88 mph, travels into the future, checks to see where all the players are going to be during the kick-offs, then comes back to the present, and blows our minds.  How much do you think he is going to be worth if he gets any better at all as a receiver?  He's already priceless, sign him before he takes every dime we own.
Final notes to the sceptics:  Realistically we need to prepare for the future at QB and RB, but I really believe that improving the line is more important this year.  I think QB's and RB's will perform significantly better with an improved line.  It would be nice to get a QB in the draft this year, but I wouldn't be opposed to waiting one more year if the right guy wasn't there.  

I think we will be fine at DT with Harris, Dvoracek, Adams, and the guy we got from Cincy's practice squad.  I would consider a second day pick at this position and also WR if we loose Berrian.  

You can't do everything in one year, but I believe that this would give us the best chance to improve all the areas hurting.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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