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Olsen’s pass interference no-call is a glaring example why pass interference should be allowed to be challenged.  Play review is made to call out and correct erroneous field calls.  The process is still be limited in the usual way versus timeouts.

The brilliant fake punt execution by Maynard and Peterson was disallowed by the original field call,  incomplete pass,  and the challenge review said he didn’t have full  possession going down.

The My 50 TV coverage clearly showed Peterson having complete ball control and landing both feet before hitting the ground.

Referee’s calls are incredibly important, since they can change momentum and literally give or take away gains and victories.  Yeah, it’s nice when they’re not important in sweeping victories where all’s forgiven.  But when it’s crunch time, ref calls can  decide games and seasons.

Bears 27, Saints 24  was an example of how two crucial play calls almost ended a season for the Bears. 

The Bears made a lot of changes this year and they haven’t come up with consistency.  Still, they’ve shown positive growth in running and passing with the development of Forte, Olsen, Hester, Orton and an offensive line that gives Orton decent time in the pocket.

May be the Bears don’t deserve to go to the playoffs, but at least don’t take it away from them by taking away what they earned on the field, like the above two bad calls.

Bad calls at bad times bring up the question of bias by the officials.  It seems unlikely that two bad calls in a row, almost back to back, in the Bear’s last drive to tie or win, and almost resulting in their sure loss, were due to chance.  And if the PI on Olsen was called, the Bears would have had 1st and goal on the one yard line and probably would have won the game in regulation time.

Regarding the Peterson catch and call, what consitutes a football move needs to be reevaluated.  I’ll repeat a hypothetical example.  What if a player goes airborne, makes a catch going to the ground with full possession landing on his shoulder?  In my opinion, this would not only be a football move but a spectacular football move anywhere on the field, at the hashmarks or at the sidelines with no out-of-bounds. 

The NFL should change the forward pass catch rule by making the both feet down requirement as a necessary condition only at the sidelines (endlines),  whereas in the open field, a player needs only to have full possession to the ground. 


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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