What "should" be done, but likely won't...

- Babich - Fire this guy and bring in Rod Marinelli.  He just lost his job, but he is a proved defensive coordinator and was a coaching in Tampa with Dungy when Lovie was their.  This could actually happen.  He really has a lot of character and I believe coached his butt off with horrible talent.
- Turner - Many want this guys head and I'm not opposed to it although I think this year he did his best work.  The question is, is that enough?  Well our WR's and QB's have stunk under him so is that his fault or Angelo's?  Hard to say.  My solution, bring in Mangenius.  He also just lost his job and can maybe help the Bears draft some offensive guys and better develop QB's.  He was a coach under Bellicek so maybe he has some fresh perspective that could help us in the draft and coaching up offensive players.

Lovie - He obviously stays.  With a better staff around him he'll be better.  Look at what he has done with the 2 yahoos he coached with the last two years.  Some will disagree and we'll have to just agree to disagree on this one.  I've see Lovie grow this year by benching stars and cutting high draft picks wasting roster spots and that is why we went 9-7 instead of 7-9.  He is still getting better.  With a better staff, this team wins an extra game or two.  (i.e. Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay)

Players to cut, trade, resign, or let go
- Nate Vasher, he makes too much.  Talk to him about taking a big pay cut which I doubt will work, but if he really wants to stay 1.5 million would be the target.  I'm not even sure if that is possible.  We would have to cut him and then sign a new  deal I'm pretty sure.  If he doesn't want that then trade him for any pick, preferably a 3-5 but to get rid of the salary take what you can get.  Maybe you could even trade to get a player we need.  That would be the best situation.
- John Tait - He's old and almost done.  St. Clair will likely be here longer and be more productive in the long haul.  Tait has a good salary that we could use toward a younger guard that we all know we need desperately.  You can't keep everyone so a younger, better guard and St. Clair at RT is better than Old Dependable John taking up money we need to give in FA.
- Urlacher - Chances are someone will want him and we need the picks.  Maybe Urlacher to Arizona to get Boldin.  I would rather see Briggs in the middle and Boldin on offense.  Urlacher is getting old and played at New Mexico.  I don't know if there is any connection, but he is killing our scheme over the middle and his salary would be better put to use else where.  It time to cut the cord.  You hate to do that with a franchise player and this likely will not happen but it should.  That is really my point.  I'm sure it won't though.
- Mark Anderson - Maybe someone has a plan for this guy.  I wouldn't cut him because he is still on a rookie contract, but if you could get a 4th or 5th rounder for this guy and we could draft a new DE in the 2nd or 3rd it would be worth it.  Anderson has been useless for 2 seasons and a 4 or 5 could help give us the depth we need at CB/ST's.
- Resign Lloyd to be the #3 WR.  Look the guy catches the ball and he is cheap.  Yeah he wouldn't play hurt, there is a reason he is cheap.  Not every player on your roster can make 4-10 million a year.  We can get this guy for one million and have Hester be #2 and find a #1.  Bump down Davis to #4 and let the guy play special teams.  I'll take a #3 like him any day.  He saved Orton's butt a ton of times this year.
- Booker - Thanks for trying to help us this year. We're going to move forward without you.  We knew you were old when we signed you and we hoped for more, but were surprised that your not too effective anymore.  Thanks for helping us when we were in desperate need of help at WR.

Free Agency
- Sign Cassel.  Assuming that  you bring in Mangini, then this guy can hopefully make sure Cassel keeps performing.  Make sure Cassel's contract has a nice bonus up front and make it easy to cut him in 2-3 years if really sucks.  If Orton outperforms him for some crazy reason then we have a nice trade piece next season.
- Sign a FA WR - My wish list would be to trade a 2 or 3 for Burress and take on his problems.  It would most likely include the lease lost.  Antonio Bryant is another option that would preserve draft picks.  He may not be a flashy name but at least he can make some plays.  We at least need a playmaker.  Sign TJ Houshmygrandaddy to a 3 year deal.  We know the guy can catch.  It gives us a few seasons to find another WR.  Buying time is important.  Housh and Hester and Olsen would be pretty nice.  TJ isn't finished yet.    What he did this year on that horrible team, was impressive.  Forget Boldin, he costs a bunch and we're going to lose a ton of draft picks.  Sure if we could get a good trade, but honestly everyone and their brother wants him and the stakes are likely going to be too high.
Sign a FA G - Not much to say here since I don't know OL talent around the league, but our push up the middle was very weak this year.  We saw it in goalline situations and 3rd and 1 all year.  Forte will get the yard even if it isn't there, but we need something better up the middle.  Cutting Tait, could open up salary to sign a FA.  Then St. Clair could move over to the right side or stay on the left.  Although St. Clair isn't amazing, he only had about 3 bad games this year going against the best pass rushers in the league.  Maybe on the opposite side he will better.

Safety - I wasn't originally thinking this way, but I'm now convinced.  Everyone else was right on this one.  We need a star back there and should draft a high caliber guy immediately. (pick round 1 or 2)
DE - Many may not see this as a priority, but it is.  Ogunleye and Anderson have ()
G - If we address this through FA, then we can look for a value G later in the draft, if not, this should be a first round pick.  Fixing the line is the top offensive priority with WR being the second and also very important offensive priority.
WR - If we sign a star like Burress or Housh or Boldin, then draft a mid rounder, if we don't then we need to try to draft in the first or second round.  This may be impossible considering our other needs, but we should be signing someone through FA or else we're morons.
CB - Next season we should have Bowman and McGowan back to add with Manning, Tillman & Grahm.  With that said and assuming Vasher is gone we still need two more guys to create competition and depth.  I actually believe in Angelo drafting solid CB's and think he can do well drafting both of these guys in rounds 4-7.  Especially if we can grab a pick or two by trading one of the players above.

We have 4 positions G, WR, DE, and Safety that we should be drafting in the first 2 rounds.  We don't have that many picks, so my recommendation is to sign a FA G and WR.  That would allow us to draft a Safety and DE in rounds 1-2.  Then in rounds 3-4 we could grab a WR, OL, or QB.  Then we could finish up by grabbing CB's and another WR, OL, or DL. 

As far as WR's, I'm attempting to be realistic.  Boldin is the best option but so expensive that it hurt us at putting together a full team.  Yes Burress has issues, but the dude plays hard and is a huge play maker and he is a cheaper option because of his issues.  As far as I know we have no one other than Lloyd that comes with baggage.  Our WR's should look like FA #1, Hester #2, LLoyd, Davis, Bennet, & a rookie competing for #4 and #5.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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