Don't shoot the messenger, but just like with Cedric Benson, I'm here to warn you...'s time for the Bears to part ways with Devin Hester.

Now now now. Before you click the "get me outta here" button and dismiss me, let me remind you that it was yours truly that said waaaaaaaaaay back in 2006 that Cedric Benson was a cancer and needed to go. Many of you railed against me for saying that, and not only did I turn out to be right, but Benson was one of the main reasons why my Colts were able to dominate your Bears in Super Bowl 41. So know that when I say "Get rid of this guy" I'm not doing it because I have some secret agenda. I truly mean that if you want your team to win more games in 2008, get rid of Hester now.

There's two reasons for this. One, Hester's value is the highest it will ever be. The Bears might even get a first round pick for him. Bears fans need to face the fact that this is a rebuilding team, and the playoffs are a pipe dream. The other reason?

Hester is an entitled idiot.

Case in point, his comments that his $450,000 a year salary isn't enough for him to go out and play. Forget the fact that he signed a contract two years ago, and that he has no real true position other than kick and punt returner. These experiments with Hester as a starting WR are laughable. Numerous NFL scouts, like Tom Marino, have often said the reason Hester can't play any one true position is because he's too dumb to learn them. Now, Hester wants more money, and is willing to hold out of camp to get it.

Sorry Bears fans, but Hester is not worth more money is he is only a returner. I know his returns are dynamic, but if you guys had an offense that could score and a defense that could stop someone, you wouldn't need his dynamic returns, would you. Hester is now willing to lose $15,000 a day in order to prove his point.

Does that sound like a smart man to you?

I know Hester wants to get paid as a WR, but Hester must first prove he can PLAY the WR before he gets paid like one. If some other team wants to be dumb and pay him Reggie Wayne-like money, let them eat it. In the age of the cap, one cannot afford to overpay players like Hester if you want to stay competitive.

Trade him now, and thank me later.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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