What is with this sudden and overplayed outburst of the need for a WR?

Ive been seeing this weeks posts on the WCG about picking up a WR, from Braylon Edwards to Matt Jones (for the 193rd time), to Terrell Owens and Reggie Williams (you cant be serious), and it just makes me shake my head and laugh.  Come on guys give it up, let it go, move on, END CREDITS.




Everytime I read one of these posts I wonder if any of them have actually been watching the Bears.  Yes this was a hot topic over the summer and even through training camp, but not anymore.  Guys are stepping up and making plays and all some of you want to do is knit pick and the problem is, youre knit picking the wrong unit.  Talk about the Secondary (who has as many interceptions as Tommie Harris), talk about our injury weakened running attack, but leave this "we need a #1 WR crap" at the door, because its wearing thin. Maybe a RB might be somewhere that we need to look at the FA pool for some help, but not at WR.


I mean did I seriously just see over 500 posts on another freaking WR topic, really, come on everyone lets just start ignoring the next moron that comes along with the we need a WR speech.  Guess what everyone, the season started, can we talk about the games now?  I dont know if anyone noticed but we do play the team that stuck an ice pick in our collective hearts last year.  This is likely a product of the long lasting bye week that we have to endure, which can drive a person crazy at times, but lets talk about something with some actual substance. Please I beg you.

Unless you havent seen, Cutler has already thrown 8 TD passes (On pace for 32) in only 4 games and the last three have been outstanding with QB ratings over 100 in each.  HE doesnt seem to have a problem distributing the ball, why should YOU have a problem with who he is distributing it to?  Bennett, Hester, and Knox have all been above expectations after all the grumblings we heard about this unit before the season started.  Im just fine with the numbers they have, each of them are averaging over 13 yards per catch and they all have about 15 receptions.  All 3 are on pace for over 60 catches this year  (note: we didnt have ONE WR catch over 60 passes last season). Not to mention the fact that as the year progresses, the chemistry between the WRs and the QB are inevitably going to get better, so it wouldnt be far fetched to think the numbers will get better as well.

And we havent even seen what Devin Aromashadu can do on the big stage yet, trust me its coming too.  Davis has not even been a blip on Cutlers radar and he also hasnt been too much of a difference maker on special teams either, which is why he got the roster spot over Rideau in the first place.  Cutler and Aromashadu had a nice thing going in Camp and in the preseason, his opportunity will eventually come, and when you have a QB capable of making plays your wide receivers can start blossoming into productive players.

Look at the Saints, have they gone out and brought in a #1 to save their Quarterback from the terrors of a nobody wide receiving core over the last few years, NO, they develop and work on timing, route running, and chemistry.  And all that got them has been one of the most prolific passing attacks in football.  Or even our counterparts this week, the Atlanta Falcons, did they just throw in the towel when Roddy White and Michael Jenkins werent at the level they wanted them to be, NO AGAIN, and look how their patience paid off. 

Some of you want instant gratification a little too much, you need to give these guys some time and let them prove themselves.  They havent even had a full season together to do that.  Why cant some of you just let our guys develop so we can have a cohesive unit when we make our push for the playoffs.  As Robert Downey says in Tropic Thunder, Pump Your Brakes Kids.  Wait for the offseason and if we arent talking about our Super Bowl Championship season we just had, maybe then and only then, should we open back up the discussion for free agent WRs.  When guys like Brandon Marshall and Anquan Boldin will be available to pick up with our large amount of cap space that we should have after the seasons up. Until then, screw the Dirty Bird, bring on the Falcons and most importantly..........................


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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