A Friendly Warning from a Bears Fan

Jay Cutler is a bum!

I hope you've been doing some upper body lifting, Mr. Cutler, because this loss (along with every loss from here on out) will be on your shoulders. Throwing interceptions is inexcusable and will not be tolerated in our city, where god-like quarterback play has been a staple of our team for years.

I don't care that you threw for 300 yards and 2TD's in this game. I couldn't possibly care any less that you've come in and provided life to a receiving group that came to Chicago so that they could happily die. And I really don't give a fat rats arse that, prior to this week, you were the first QB since Jack Concannon in 1970 to have a 100-plus passer rating in three straight games.

None of that matters if you cannot step up, be a man, and overcome the rest of the deficiencies we have as a team. We brought you in to cure all of our ills... you are (or were) our savior, whether you wanted to be or not!

Do you realize what we gave up for you? Two first round draft picks and a third. Maybe you're not aware of our rich history of evaluating first round draft talent, but then again... it's obvious you don't care about the Chicago Bears or it's fans.

On top of the draft selections, we also had to throw in our future first ballot QB in Kyle "Cousin It" Orton. Please tell me you're watching Denver's offense play, so that you can learn how to win games, which is all that KO does!

Brian was right, you really do put the "Jay" in va-jay-jay!

We are now 3-2 and the Vikings are 6-0. Despite only being six weeks into the regular season and still having two games to play against a Favre-led Minnesota team, our season is over. My life is over.

The trade... it was and is an obvious bust! Even more so of one than the Hershel Walker to the Vikings trade. Hey Jay, at least you win at something!

At this juncture, I'm ready to play let's make a deal with the wizard that is Josh McDaniels. Let's trade back, please... Take Cutler! You can keep our draft picks and we'll even throw in Knox since he's really yours after all. Just give us back Orton so we can, as a franchise, know what it feels like to be winners again.

Chicago - we payed top dollar for filet and McDaniels gave us ground chuck. The "Sizzle" is gone and all we're left with is the char from an overcooked and overpriced steak. It's official, we've been burned!

I just wish we had been given some warnings!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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