Hang in there, Bears!


Hang in there, Bears fans!

Can everyone stop for a second, and breathe? Just a second. Okay, maybe two or three might be needed after today's game, but still just sit back and breathe for a few moments. Yes, we got absolutely smoked. Yes, we looked bad on both sides of the ball multiple times today. Yes, there were some just absolutely ugly plays, just like last week. However, everyone still needs to calm down and while I won't say look on the bright side, stop casting shadows where they don't need to be.



   I'm seeing a ton of people attempt to throw Cutler under the bus, as well as our WR, when they are literally two of the very few good things about this team. Seriously, people clamored and fretted about who our WR were going to be this year. Tons of blog posts were made, tons of newspaper stories were conjured, and a thousand chicken littles screamed about the sky falling. Now where are we?


Hester is starting to look like quality, and at least as much as a number 1 as Berrian ever did. Fort Knox has came out of no where to be a long shot canidate for RoY, and looks better and better every game while still doing quite well on returns. Earl Bennett is quickly becoming to a large extent what we want out of our third receiver, someone that has good chemistry with our QB who holds onto the ball more often than not.

As far as our TE's go, Olson while still stopping early on some routes was definately holding onto the ball better last week, and Kellen Davis has given us decent reason to not ban the last name Davis from our team, and is making a solid case for replacing Clark sooner rather than later.

Then we come to the money position, Jay Sizzle, the guy we don't mind hearing that he's our QB. People are hating on him for his game tonight, a game where he threw for over 250 yards while under more fire than Al Quida meeting at Camp Lejuene. Did he throw three picks? Sure. Does anyone really think that the absolutely atrocious line play doesn't have something to do with that? If so, please see your nearest steward for a one way ticket to reality. Cutler was on the ground almost every other play, getting hit while throwing the majority of the game.

Forte is the same player he was last year with one major cluster of difference, a complete lack of running game. Now you say, Sklz that's crazy he's the RB he's a huge part of the running game. This is true, however our run blocking is so absolutely terrible that no one gives actual runs anything more than a laugh, and Forte is a pass catching back. If no one respects the run in the slightest, and they are murderizing our QB immediately on every play, it's very rare we get a chance to get Forte the ball in space where he is best utilized, and where he earned his pay last year.

Is our Defense bad? Sure, but I'll be the first to admit that Afalava has surprised me not only in his skill, but his dedication of the game and I'm extremely glad to see him keeping his nose clean since entering the league. Our defense isn't going to get better over night, nor is our offensive line, however until they do get better try to actually cast blame where it belongs before bringing down an undeserved hatestorm where it isn't needed.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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