The Bears Den - 11/3/09


....where we only have a few stories.

670 The Score

The Bears won on Sunday, and that's all we should take from it.

The defense led the Bears to victory. Thanks, Larry! 

The Bears will able to contain Joshua Cribbs in the return game.

Tillman and Manning did an excellent job on Sunday.

Chicago Sun-Times

10 thoughts and then some from the game.

Neil Hayes: It really wasn't a telling win for the Bears.


Mike Mulligan: The league is starting to break into the haves and have-nots.

Danieal Manning had a great performance on Sunday.

Rick Telander: The Browns should just quit for the year. 

A decade after hs death, Walter's teammates remember him.

The Cutler - Ryan tiff was just part of a competitive rivalry.

The OL's protection wasn't very good vs. the Browns.

Jay Cutler might end up in a retirement home soon if he keeps getting knocked down.

Chicago Tribune

Walter Payton is always at home in a bronze sculpture.

Post-game writeup from the Trib.

Steve Rosenbloom: Tommie really needs to shut his mouth.

Steve Rosenbloom: The Bears looked like a joke on Sunday. 

Nice writeup of Walter Payton's ceremony.

Danieal Manning and the D finally got those takeaways Lovie's been yammering about.

Hunter Hillenmeyer did an excellent job versus the Browns.

The Bears' D isn't pointing blame at the O.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Jay Cutler was like a pinata on Sunday.

Bears Notebook: Ron Turner was visibly upset after the game.

Post-game writeup from Comcast SN Chicago. 

Grading the Bears.

Daily Herald

Post-game writeup from the Daily Herald.

Mike Imrem: It's still hard to believe what happened to Walter Payton.

Mike Imrem: Sometimes a win doesn't feel so good.

Mike Imrem: Can Cutler handle this adversity?

Barry Rozner: Walter Payton is still idolized after all these years. 

Barry Rozner: We got a win and not much else.

Cutler took a beating on Sunday but kept on throwing.

Grading the Bears vs. the Browns.

Walter Payton got Bears fans to cheer one last time for him.

ESPN Chicago

The Browns were able to get their shots in on Cutler.

Cutler vs. Rob Ryan was an entertaining sideshow on Sunday.

Tommie Harris is still pissed at the MSM.

Jeff Dickerson goes on camera to give his report on the game.

The D did a great job on Sunday.

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