Big Doings at WCG

As many of you may have noticed, my front page output hasn't been what it once was.  Maybe for some of you it is a good thing to be rid of the grammatical mistakes.  

The reason is really two fold.  First, on the majority of days during the week I go straight from work to school, and often do not get home until after 11 PM.  That leaves little time in between to do a lot of the day to day routine of the site.  To that extent a lot of the remaining time I have is taken up by administrative issues.  Responding to people who email about advertising information, occasional interviews about the season and various outer promotional things have seen me spending more time typing response emails than new posts.  Add to that the requirements that SBN require of its lead bloggers and there goes most of that free time.  I do have less than 2 years left in my schooling, so while I am going to make an assertive effort to get back on the front page, my lack of posting is only a temporary gig. That said, the need to bring on somebody to help with many of the routine tasks became a necessity.  

That leads to the following announcement...

Dane Noble, the artist formally known as GeauxBears, has dropped his very Green Bayish nickname, gone legit with his real name and has done earned himself a promotion.  I wouldn't want Dane to think this post too loquacious, so I will try to keep this post limited.  

Dane is going to take over most of the day to day operations of the site, including overseeing the other writers to make sure we have everything covered and scheduled correctly, and also going to be your first contact on this site for any thoughts, suggestions or complaints.  I'll receive copies of the emails, so as to keep myself informed, but if you receive a response from him you can consider it official.  

In the next few days, there will be a small change to the contact information that you see on the left hand side bar. There will now be two email addresses.  There will be one for Dane that you can use for anything you need WCG related.  The other will be mine that can be used for advertising and promotional business.  It can also be used if you feel the need to go directly to me or if you just want to chat about anything and your tired of listening to Dane ramble on.  

So please give big ups to Dane, he has definitely earned this.  It isn't often you find someone who wants to take on more only for a small raise of nothing to nothing.

Congrats dude!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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