Reality Sucks

There are two types of owners in professional sports.

1.  Those that want to win it all.

2.  Those that desperately want to win it all (and will do everything humanly possible to make that happen).

No knowledgeable person would deny that George Steinbrenner was the latter.  To him, anything short of winning the World Series was a failure, no matter how many games the Yankees might've won or how much money they might've made.

To him, success or failure was defined by this:   "Did then Yankess win it all, or did they not?" (This, by the way, is good news for long suffering Cub fans.  Tom Ricketts and his family are fans first (unlike the Tribune Corporation) and will almost certainly do all they can to finally make the Cubs WS Champions.  They might fail or end up being lousy owners, but few will doubt their sincerity or intentions).

In the NFL, owners such as Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft were fans first and do all (and spend all) they can to win.  With regards to guys like Jones and Snyder, I take serious issue with many of their decisions, but I never doubt their desire to win.

There's an old saying in the NFL regarding players: "Everyone wants to win.  Not every has the will to prepare to win."  Nobody goes out on the field to lose, but not everybody has the desire of, say, a Larry Fitzgerald, who this past offseason personally flew in and housed NFL WR greats like Jerry Rice & Cris Carter to help him and some of his WR breathern to getter better as WR's.

Not every player has the desire to work their asses of in the offseason, like say a Walter Payton or a Jerry Rice.

With regards to the McCaskeys, not every owner has the will to:

A)  Hire the right HC for the job, not just nice (politically correct) guys like Wanny, Dick and Lovie.

B)  Swallow contracts when they desperately need to be swallowed (as in the case of right now).

C)  In short, make the TOUGH decisions to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago, not just the 'fiscally prudent' decisions that they will argue for (poor us, we only have a team that is worth a BILLION + dollars)!.

There is NO doubt in my mind that the average Bear fan (here and elsewhere) suffers MORE than the current owners, GM, coaches and players when it comes to losing football.  Most Bear fans have a sicker feeling in their stomachs after a loss than does the organization (IMO)

For those people (unfortunately) it's 'just business.'  For most of us, however, it's a life-long passion!

And that's the sad reality here.

Someone here at WCG defended the McCaskey's as 'not being the worst owners in sports.'

I could not agree MORE!  They aren't close to being the worst owners in sports.  Not by a long shot.

They just don't (however) have the WILL to make the tough decisions and to do the right things to put the Chicago Bears back where they belong . . . roaming the NFL landscape as the Monsters of Midway as they were in 1985 and before.

That's the sad reality . . . and it SUCKS!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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