10 Most Disappointing Bears This Season


#10 Kevin Payne- After coming off a good season in 08, It looked as if the Bears found them a SS for the next 6 to 8 years. Enter Al Afalava and Payne job is lost in one off-season. The problem with Payne is the same problem he had last year, He takes bad angles and is still bad in coverage. Payne has the talent to be a good safety if he is surrounded by some good coaches.

#9 Orlando Pace- Future Hall of Famer, but the guy is done as a football player. He's part of the reason why the running game been non-existent this season. Expect to not see this guy next season as he will either be release of retire on his own.

#8 Matt Forte- Forte really disappointed me this season. I don't know if he is hiding an injury or it just the finesse guys up front blocking for him, but he doesn't look like the same guy who rushed for over 1200 yards last season.

#7 Frank Omiyale- Epic fail for most the season, but has been making strides the past three games. With a new coaching staff coming in, you can expect Omiyale to move back to tackle and compete with Williams and Shaffer for the two tackle spots.

#6 Olin Kreutz- Brilliant careers here as a Bear, but his play this season is an indication that he is done. He doesn't get any push anymore against opposing nose tackles, and his shotgun snaps are just terrible. Time to pass the reigns to Josh Beekman, and see if he can have close to the success Kreutz had in his career. 

#5 Marcus Harrison- Probably the biggest disappointment on the defense this year, Harrison came into camp out of shape, and couldn't participate until he met his weight requirement. Ever since then he hasn't gotten into game shape and the play on the field is evidence of that. Harrison is an important piece going into next year, as he needs to get motivated or he may not have a place on the team.

#4 Tommie Harris- Here's your reason why Marcus Harrison is not your biggest disappointment on defense. Tommie Harris is stealing money each game he plays. This guy is not the same guy from 05 and 06 who was at that time considered as one of if not the best DT's in the game. Now he's just an average player, The Bears and Tommie just need to move on from one another.

#3 Jay Cutler- 25 interceptions are just too much even if most of them are not your fault. Jay needs to take Terry Boers advice and just get away from Football for a while after the season is over. Most of his problems is not his fault, but he needs to stop being so cocky with his arm and learn how to take what defenses are giving him. Go through your progression if your first option is taken away. I still love the trade and refuse to join the group that wants him out of here; He just needs to make better decisions.

#2 Ron Turner- When the opposing teams know what you are going to run, that pretty much is an indication that you might want to pick another profession. Ron Turner took a pro bowl quarterback and made him look like a past Chicago Bear Quarterback, and it's the reason why he and his incompetent coaching staff will be fired come the end of the season.

#1 Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo- Saving the worst for last, Lovie Smith and his partner in crime Jerry Angelo. Lovie Smith cover-2 defense has failed him for the 3rd consecutive year. Even when he took it upon himself to be the defensive coordinator he still failed, and now he has lost his players. The decisions Angelo made this past off-season, passing up on FS Darren Sharper and Brain Dawkins to sign Josh Bullocks. Not giving Jay Cutler an establish receiver, and a fail attempt to restructure the offensive line all but show that Angelo should not get a chance to fix the problems that's wrong with the Bears next year.    

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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