Bears drafts since 2003 (The Angelo era).

Here is a list of all the bears drafts since Angelo took over.  Being as the season is almost over and it isn't looking like Angelo is going anywhere.  I thought i would look back at the drafts from his tenure.


Here is 2003

1 14(14)                         Michael Haynes                                        DE                   Penn St.
1 22(22)                         Rex Grossman*                                        QB                   Florida
2 3(35)                           Charles Tillman                                         S                     La. Lafayette
3 4(68)                            Lance Briggs                                            OLB                 Arizona
4 3(100)                          Todd Johnson                                          S                      Florida
4 19(116)                        Ian Scott*                                                    DT                  Florida
5 4(139)                          Bobby Wade                                              WR                  Arizona
5 8(143)                           Justin Gage                                               WR                 Missouri
5 36(171)                        Tron LaFavor                                              DT                  Florida
6 18(191)                        Joe Odom                                                  OLB                 Purdue
6 33(206)                        Brock Forsey                                             HB                    Boise St.
7 47(261)                        Bryan Anderson                                        OG                   Pittsburgh

Here is 2004

1 14(14)                           Tommie Harris*                                           DT                Oklahoma
2 15(47)                           Terry Johnson                                              DT                Washington
3 15(78)                           Bernard Berrian                                           WR               Fresno St.
4 14(110)                         Nathan Vasher                                            CB                Texas
4 16(112)                         Leon Joe                                                      OLB              Maryland
5 15(147)                         Claude Harriott                                            DE                Pittsburgh
5 16(148)                         Craig Krenzel                                               QB                Ohio St.
7 14(215)                         Alfonso Marshall                                         CB                Miami (fl)


1 4(4)                                Cedric Benson                                             HB              Texas
2 7(39) Mark Bradley WR Oklahoma
4 5(106) Kyle Orton QB Purdue
5 4(140) Airese Currie WR Clemson
6 7(181) Chris Harris S La. Monroe
7 6(220) Rodriques Wilson OLB South Carolina


2 10(42)                            Danieal Manning                                         S                 Abilene Christian
2 25(57) Devin Hester CB Miami (FL)
3 9(73) Dusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma
4 23(120) Jamar Williams OLB Arizona State
5 26(159) Mark Anderson DE Alabama
6 26(195) J.D. Runnels FB Oklahoma
6 31(200) Tyler Reed OG Penn State


1 31 (31) Greg Olsen TE Miami (FL)
2 30 (62) Daniel Bazuin DE Central Michigan
3 29 (93) Garrett Wolfe RB Northern Illinois
3 30 (94) Michael Okwo OLB Stanford
4 31 (130) Josh Beekman G Boston College
5 30 (167) Kevin Payne S Louisiana-Monroe
5 31 (168) Corey Graham CB New Hampshire
7 11 (221) Trumaine McBride CB Mississippi
7 31 (241) Aaron Brant T Iowa State


1 14 (14)                          Chris Williams                                                T                Vanderbilt
2 13 (44)                          Matt Forte                                                         RB             Tulane
3 7 (70)                             Earl Bennett                                                    WR            Vanderbilt
3 27 (90)                          Marcus Harrison                                             DT             Arkansas
4 21 (120)                        Craig Steltz                                                      S                LSU
5 7 (142)                          Zackary Bowman                                            CB             Nebraska
5 23 (158)                        Kellen Davis                                                   TE               Michigan State
7 1 (208)                           Ervin Baldwin                                                 DE              Michigan State
7 15 (222)                        Chester Adams                                              G                Georgia
7* 36 (243)                      Joey LaRocque                                              LB               Oregon State
7* 40 (247)                     Kirk Barton                                                       T                  Ohio State
7* 41 (248)                     Marcus Monk                                                   WR              Arkansas


3 4 (68) Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State 3 35 (99)* Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma 4 5 (105) Henry Melton DE Texas 4 19 (119) D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt 5 4 (140) Johnny Knox WR Abilene Christian 5 18 (154) Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State 6 17 (190) Al Afalava S Oregon State 7 37 (246)* Lance Louis G San Diego State 7 42 (251)* Derek Kinder WR Pittsburgh From

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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