The development of the following players need to start now



Jarron Gilbert- This is your 1st pick of the 09 draft, He should have been worked into the defensive line rotation from the start of the season. Is a rare defensive talent that can play either position in the 4-3 (Defensive End and Tackle),he needs more then 3 snaps to develop and gain experience. I don't want to read the dumb propaganda put out there every year saying this player is ready to make a impact when there's no clear evidence of that.

Devin Aromashadu- They starting to give him more snaps in the offense, but it took Jay Cutler three times to mention his name to the media for the coaches to finally give him snaps. In my honest opinion he should have never been inactive for so many games this season in the 1st place. You can't tell me that he wasn't ready to play from get go, because you listed him as your #3 receiver before his injury. Just because Knox had a good statistical game in week 1 doesn't mean you abandon the guy you originally thought was good enough to be your #3 receiver. This alone should make fans chase this coaching staff out of town with torches and big pitch forks.

Chris Williams at LT- For his first start at LT last Sunday he played ok. Chris Long is no walk in the park. Rumors are swirling that Orlando Pace could be inserted back in at LT this Sunday. What do you gain from this? Seriously, what the heck do you gain from Orlando Pace taking valuable experience away from Williams at LT. Pace is a 1st ballot Hall of Fame, but his play this season is a clear indication that his career is over. Do the right thing Lovie and keep Williams at LT because your job is not going to be any safer at 9-7 or 8-8 then it would be at 6-10

D.J. Moore- Tricky situation here since you already have a young guy developing in that position in Zach Bowman. I think he can use some time in the dime package.

Cory Graham- His name on this list means stop messing up Manning development at FS. Cory Graham can be just as effective as the nickel back  than Manning.

Kellen Davis- The writing is on the wall that he's going to move up the depth chart come next season. Might as well go ahead and see what you got in him as the 2nd TE in this offense.

Juaqain Iglesias- So what if he's just another Earl Bennett, give him some PT so you can see what you got going into camp next year. There's no excuse for your second pick in the 09 draft to be inactive for 13 going on 14 straight games heading into Sunday. He might be proved to be better than Bennett if you just give the guy a chance to play.

Lance Louis- Lance Louis must be really bad if he can't unseat Omiyale at LG. I know he's listed at RG, but seeing how bad Omiyale has been at LG they should have been prepping Louis to play LG sometime this season.

Frank Omiyale at RT- Please get him out of the interior, and use his athleticism on the outside at Right Tackle. We know what Shaffer can do at RT, see if Omiyale can be your RT for the next 6 to 8 years.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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