A Moment With Ifuwanna

Greetings to all my WCG friends. so many swirling questions this offseason about the bears are leaving me stupified. i really need to sort them out, so here goes my shot at it, Andy Rooney style. I might make this a weekly thing depending on if you guys like it.

A few weeks back, Jerry Angelo addressed the Chicago media to let everyone know the Bears won't be doing any frivolous spending in free agency. Really Jerry? Did you think anyone would be surprised? It's Like telling Santa Clause what day Christmas is. We don't need the Bears to tell us they're going to be cheap. That message was conveyed in 1921. reported that Bills quarterback Trent Edwards pitched the idea for Terrell Owens to come to Buffalo. Reportedly, he left GM Russ Brandon a Text message that read, "what about T.O?" I find it hard to believe that all it took to convince Brandon to bring in "The Franchise Killer" Terrell Owens was a text message. That message was too straight to the point. Maybe Trent pressed the send button without finishing his text which would have read; "what about T.O.? LOL OMG J/K"

Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is being criticized for acting like a petulant little child for wishing to be traded after rumors that new head coach Josh McDaniels tried to involve him in a trade to get new Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. If Jay is the petulant little baby, does that mean Josh is the mother that abandons her baby at a fire station?

The Broncos organization tried to mend fences by setting up a conference call between Cutler and McDaniels, which reportedly didn't go well. It was also reported that McDaniels would neither confirm nor deny that he tried to trade Cutler. Is he the head coach of a football team, or the head of the Secret Service? The fact is, McDaniels should have booked a flight to Tennessee for a face to face with Cutler as soon as this debacle started. Now he's trying to convince him he was the man under center all along? A bald man would have a better chance of convincing me to buy Rogaine. And I don't even suffer from hair loss.

Speaking of bald, Bears coach Lovie Smith has to coach up our new free safety, josh Bullocks, the NFL's answer to Mr. Magoo. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks Angelo brought in the worst player at that position in to seal Lovie's fate by week three?

Oh look! The New England Patriots sign another old guy. this time, it's Joey Galloway. Bob Kraft should make it easier on this team by just moving them to Pheonix or south Florida. No wonder Tom Brady is so cool under pressure. He's spent his whole career changing his teammates bedpans. It's good to see while winning three super bowls and going 16-0, Bill Belichick found a way to sneak in a bingo tournament every now and then.

Last but certainly not least, this has been the longest time I haven't heard any news on Mike Brown. I hope this is not the end of the road for him. had it not been for injuries that derailed his career, he would be without a doubt in my mind a first ballot hall of famer. Better than Reed, better than Troy, better than Bob, as good as Giordano.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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