What Has Jerry Done Right or Wrong?

Due to a couple requests, I'm moving this to a fan post.

Post anything here that you have loved that JA has done or things that you have hated.  It could be trades, missed opportunities in the draft of FA, great moves big or small, bad contracts, good contracts or whatever.


Here are some of my thoughts:

I honestly feel pretty similar about Jerry Angelo. Everybody wants to make the big splash but spending money wisely every season is a discipline. One thing I really like about Angelo is the way he puts a value on a player and then sticks to it. I don’t always agree with the value, but if you got get two big FA this year and over pay and they don’t pan out then it makes next year more difficult and the year after even worse.

Also, as far as trades go, a lot of times we assume that we didn’t go after someone and just lose out because a team wanted too much. We don’t hear about all trade inquiries. I think that if we did, we be shocked about the ideas that float around. Assuming we know is a bad assumption.

Some decisions I disagree with though are as follows:

  • Alan Feneca last year would have really improved our line, still pick Williams and Forte and the line would have been much improved. Our interior line was horrible, and Forte still looked good. He needs a guard with some good run blocking.
  • Not franchising Berrian. A lot of people knocked me on it, but one more year to get the position right could have really helped us. We wouldn’t be asking so many what if’s about Orton this year if he had Berrian, Hester, & Olsen to throw to. I also think we win one more game with him, make the playoffs, probably win the division.
  • Not signing St. Clair – the guy wanted to stay. 3 million is not a lot for a starting OL no matter who thinks that is too much. Rookies are getting 6-7 million a year in the first round. Most lineman make 3-6 milliion if they are anything. Now we are desparate in the draft for a tackle when we could have developed a guy. We may even miss out on picking a WR in the first round because OL is so important now. Also we will be forced to start 2 rookies and this unknown guy. Yuck.
  • Resigning Lloyd – We need someone with athletic catching ability and a known talent to stay on the team. He is cheap. Yeah he had an injury thing he could have played through, but 8-12 games of him would be worth that cash.
  • Trading away Chris Harris – he is better than Payne and Steltz bar far. He is a great hitter and tackler. We just needed find a guy who could cover to pair him with. Now we have two safety positions to think about.
  • Releasing Bradley – He never got a second chance after injury. The guy looked good to me and not to the Bears. I’m still baffled.

    Moves I like:
  • Signing and resigning Kevin Jones. We took a flyer on him last year and didn’t see much, but the potential is even greater this year. We all know what he can do and has done. For the low cost of this signing and a backup role is well worth it.
  • Releasing Bazine and Okwo – that was the beginning of not holding on to draft picks anymore. Admit your mistakes and move on and give someone else a chance to make you look good.
  • Drafting Williams and Forte 1 & 2. Now we don’t know for sure on Williams, but I have hope there. Forte was a steal and a great move.
  • Drafting Harrison in the third. That guy had a very decent rookie year. I think he will stay out of trouble. He comes from a spiritual family and just wasn’t living right at the time. He seems to have changed his heart and grown up some and is back in the faith. Hopefully he stays.
  • Get Anthony Adams. We grabbed him for a steal of a price and even as a backup he is quality. Great value signing from SF.
  • Drafting Hester and Manning really for special teams first and hopefully defense second. Toub is the man, but Angelo has been the architect. I think he has been a big reason for our special teams by drafting and signing FA’s for special teams like Ayenbedejo.
  • Not signing Orton to a long term contract mid season – that would have been a waste of money. Now we can see more out of him or possibly be in the Cutler sweepstakes, although I’m not holding my breath.
  • A lot of these moves seem small, but a bunch of small good moves put you in position. We’re still well under the cap and Briggs, Harris, Urlacher, A Brown, Peanut, and Vasher are locked up. We just need to fill in lots of wholes.

A few random thoughts:
Hopefully Steltz and Harrision will be payoff picks. We still don’t know much about Bowman although he is be moved to safety. Yikes, but if it works, that would be a lucky move and a joyous occasion. He is tall and fast and hopefully can help in coverage. We’ll see.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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