Making the case - Eben Britton and Duke Robinson on the 1st Day

So, a decent majority of the people that have posted their draft thoughts have come down soundly at one point or another on drafting a WR in the first round, myself included. Those reasons are usually one or both of the following two points.

1. WR is our biggest need

2. WR is the only position of need with good value at 18.

I've agreed with these two points a few times, and it's only fairly recently that I've started to see things from another viewpoint, if not altogether differently.

If we are unable to trade down then Eben Britton should be our first round pick.

Now then, I'm going to give some quick reasoning of why.

1. We need a run focused pass acceptable RT, and we need one now.

We're a run first team, and we don't have what anyone would call a starting RT at the moment. This has to be remedied.

2. Britton fits squarely in the value range for that 18th pick.

It's important not to reach and take someone you could get at 49 at 18. For one, you usually are getting lesser quality than you could have otherwise found picking at that position. Also, you are giving up what could likely be additional picks if there really isn't anyone at that pick that you need.

3. The major knock on Britton is that he may not be a starting LT right away.

And? That's great as far as I'm concerned. Having started at RT during his first two years at Arizona and excelled he moved to the left side just this year and did a good job there as well. We shouldn't care less that he isn't going to be a starting LT immediately, because we should hopefully have our starting LT already, but if not it sure makes me feel better to possibly have on developing at the NFL level waiting in the wings.

4. No injury history to be worried about, no character concerns.

Was the captain of the O:Line in AZ, and has had no injury concerns starting 37 consecutive games.

Now for the second round pick, a lot of people definately wnat us to pick up a WR here if we don't pick up one in the first, mainly for reason one above. They see WR as our greatest need. I'm going to go ahead and take a time out to give the reasons why I don't think it is.

1. The Bears don't run a lot of 3 WR sets.

We've got two fantastic TE, and a great receiving RB. We run a lot of two TE sets.

2. The Bears don't play rookie WR for anything, even ones they target.

See Bennett. Even if Bennett didn't understand the playbook 100%, that sure didn't stop Hester from seeing the field at WR. Hester even had to be instructed on the proper places to line up. Hester may be extremely talented, but to say he completely understood the playbook when he first saw the field as a WR would be a complete lie. So why did he see the field and Bennett didn't? Hester wasn't a rookie.

3. We have Rideau on the practice squad.

Rideau like more than few practice squad WR before him have impressed multiple times in camp and in preseason, never to suit up for the actual game. I think Rideau should be given his shot to see if he can produce at the same level in the game, at level that would be quite respectable for a number three WR that would only be seeing the field for 6-15 plays a game.

So with that said...

Duke Robinson should be our second round pick.

Now this is all contingent on us grabbing Britton in the first, but everyone is pretty much on the same page that Garza even if you thought he was "acceptable" last year(many don't) he doesn't have that many years in the tank. Omiyale is best suited for LG, so we need a fearsome run blocking machine at RG. Time to get a bit more specific though.

1. Together with Britton, this would be like a dream come true for Forte.

Talk about an offseason overhaul, we could easily in one year go from one of the worst run blocking O:Lines in the league, to one of the top 8. We would add impressive size and strength at a position that was notably lacking it last year.

2. Robinson is the consensus number one guard in this draft, and seen as possible probowler for a power running team.

That's what we always hear from our coaches, that we get off the bus running. Shouldn't we actually set the team up to work like that? With strengths listed on a player like this from draft countdown, I think we'd definately find our man for the job.

Huge frame with long arms...Great bulk...Outstanding strength...Very powerful...Tough and physical...Nasty and is a finisher...Gets a great push and can be a dominating run blocker...Is stout at the point of attack...Uses his hands well...Plays with good leverage and bends at the knees...Quick with decent mobility and range...Good awareness and  instincts...Versatile...A  lot of experience against top competition.


3. It all starts upfront, and as a run first team a dominating run game would open up the intermediate passing lanes that our QB thrives on.

If the D:Line is getting thrown around and pancaked and requires help to hold Forte to less than 4 YAC then all of a sudden it's going to become much easier to get in behind the defense and punish them for stacking that box. Once you can run on them to a certain extent even while the box is stacked, the sky is the limit.

4. Barring injury, and players not living up to expectations our line would have it's foundation for a decade.

Three young players that fit our style of play, four if you count Beeker, playing at a high level. You really can't ask for more, and going into the next draft we'd be a lot more wide open as far as our first picks go from improving our defense, or if Hester/Bennett don't pan out upgrading our WR core.


So what does everyone else think? Is this the way to go if the option is there? 



<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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