WCG Mock Draft - The Philadelphia Eagles Select...


Knowshon Moreno
Running Back

ANALYSIS: It feels like yesterday  I was watching Sunday night football and saw a struggling bears d line stuff the eagles 4 straight times and come out with a close victory. While they are coming off an impressive playoff run, the eagles must address two things: Goal line productivity and the offensive line. At pick 21 the eagles could go Eben Britton, but I dont feel they get value with that pick, drafting a  developmental tackle. I intially considered Chris Wells at this spot  but scouts concerns with his work ethic and attitude have him sounding more like Cedric Benson than Duece Mccallister.  

 At 21 Im going to pick Knowshown Moreno. He's a versatile back and will bring an instant upgrade to their goal line offense. The third concern for the eagles going into this year has to be the health of Brian Westbrook and Moreno address the short and long term at the halfback position.

 Other options: I would be suprised if the eagles stayed put at this pick and didnt try to trade up for an elite left tackle. They dont have a viable tackle on this roster and their current plan  is to slide guard sean andrews over to the left side. Reid has never picked the player fans wanted, but another consideration might be taking a gamble on Darrius Heyward Bay. But again at this price, Bay seems like an expensive risk. 

Pick Team Player Drafter Analysis
1 Detroit Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 St. Louis Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
3 Kansas City Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details
4 Seattle Michael Crabtree ChiFan13, GeauxBears Details
5 Cleveland Aaron Curry junkhorse Details
6 Cincinnati Michael Oher GeauxBears Details
7 Oakland Jeremy Maclin luckie815 Details
8 Jacksonville B.J. Raji Sackman Details
9 Green Bay Brian Orakpo ChiFan13 Details
10 San Francisco Robert Ayers toghanmahwini Details
11 Buffalo Everette Brown Chad Details
12 Denver Rey Maualuga ifuwannacrownem Details
13 Washington Andre Smith tommite622 Details
14 New Orleans Malcom Jenkins isuarch80
15 Houston Clay Matthews chase17
16 San Diego Tyson Jackson gillrowdy
17 NY Jets Josh Freeman Bearsguy34
18 Denver Peria Jerry ifuwannacrownem
19 Tampa Bay Mark Sanchez JerBear50
20 Detroit Lions William Beatty tempchad
21 Philadelphia Knowshon Moreno rahulsriram


On the Clock: Minnesota Vikings (ChiFan13)

Take a look at the draft order. If you are coming up, make sure you are keeping an eye on.

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