JA's spring To-Do list

Think making the biggest NFL deal in recent memory gets you some time off? Not in Chicago. Acquiring Cutler means its time to update all the Bears off-season scenarios. Here's your list, Jerry.

1. Acquire one, if not two, veteran wide receivers. And yes, one of them ought to be Torry Holt. Your wide receiver group contains only three players worth mentioning (Devin Hester, Earl Bennett and Rashied Davis), and only one of those three has any business being a starter in 2009. Your new quarterback needs targets. A trade for Anquan Boldin would be a master stroke -- but would the Cards move him for a second or a third? You're going to go looking for a rookie WR with one of those picks anyway, Jerry, so you ought to at least explore the option.

2. Have a long talk with Chris Williams. Look, you liked this kid so much you drafted him despite his back injury, and yes, everyone's long-term success depends on him contributing. But what he needs to do right now is be a good little soldier, listen to Mr. Pace, and learn his trade. He's going to play, but he's not going to play right away, and he needs to get his head around that.

3. Find a real No. 2 quarterback. The problem with bringing in a veteran like Jeff Garcia or Byron Leftwich last month was that as soon as you'd announce it, everybody in Chicago would have begun speculating about a quarterback controversy. That's not the case now. And look -- every team needs a legit veteran backup. You don't have one. Go get one.

4. Figure out where your defense went. Did they suck last year because they're old? Or were they just poorly coached?  Whatever the answer, you need to know by draft day. My two cents says it was everything, but the de facto demotion of Bob Babich can't possibly hurt. You upgraded your coaching, and let's hope that's the biggest move you need to make.

5. Write down these positions on your draft board: LB, Safety and FB. Yes, you have to draft a WR, too, but you're no longer in the first round and let's be realistic: You'd have to get wicked lucky to land a starting WR in the second round this year (see Item No. 1). On the other hand, I'm not convinced we have a true starter at the SAM position, and there are LBs on that rookie board who could compete. Same with the safety position. And as for FB: Does Jason McKie have some embarrassing photos of you, or what?

6. Draft Brandon Tate in the 5th round if he's still there. This UNC wideout was overshadowing Hakeem Nicks until he blew out his knee last fall. Give him a medical redshirt and we'll check back next spring.

7. Have a beer. If you get all this stuff done, you're looking at a division championship. We love you, man.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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