Top 10 Chicago Bear Busts

No, not Bust’s in Canton at the Hall Of Fame, but busted, broke, sorry excuse for a draft pick busts.

When I look at Chicago’s draft busts I won’t necessarily disqualify a guy from bust status if he had some injury issues, but if he played, sucked, then was hurt, I’ll draw my own conclusions. Also I’ll keep my list to guys that I can remember. I’m sure there are some monumental busts from back in he day, so maybe some you long time Bears fans can enlighten us.

10. John Allred TE – 1997 2nd round pick #38 – Four years in Chicago and 30 receptions, then 1 more year in Pittsburgh with no stats. I could see if he were a bruising blocking TE, but no. You expect more production from a guy drafted 38th overall.

9. Pat Riley DE – 1995 2nd round pick #52 – No not that Pat Riley, but even at the slick haired one’s advanced age, he could have had more production than the 1 game appeared in for the Bears 2nd round draft pick.

8. Michael Haynes DE – 2003 1st round pick #14 – Only 4 career starts in his 3 years as a Bear. The Saints gave his career one more shot before cutting him. An injury finally led to his walking away, but his release would have come either way.

7. Bob Sapp G – 1997 3rd round pick #69 – You expect more from such a physical specimen. He never played a down with the Bears in ’97, but he some how stuck around for 2 years in Minnesota, seeing action in 1 game.

6. Rashaan Salaam RB – 1995 1st round pick 21 – I think he liked the weed a little more than he liked being an NFL player. His rookie year was solid if you take away his 9 fumbles. In 1999 Cleveland and Green Bay both gave him a shot. Why?

5. Curtis Enis RB – 1998 1st round pick 5 – In 1999 he did pile up over 900 yards, but with a 3.2 average, yuck. Three years in Chicago and an injury spelled his doom, lucky for him because The Turk was coming.

4. Dan Bazuin DE – 2007 2nd round - pick #62 – I questioned this pick at the time. He made no sense at all. Two years with the Bears and a 3rd year in Houston, all with no stats to speak of. I’m beginning to wonder if he really exists.

3. David Terrell WR – 2001 1st round pick #8 – Had Terrell played up to the legend in his own mind, he’d still be playing in Chicago. 128 catches in a 4 year career isn’t bad for an undrafted free agent out of McNeese State, but for the 8th player picked from Michigan with an ego his size, it doesn’t come close to being acceptable.

2. Stan Thomas T – 1991 1st round pick #22 - Two years a Bear with 3 as an Oiler, did Houston not see him play in Chicago? Terrible.  If you saw Thomas play...  I'm sorry.

1. Cade McNown QB – 1999 1st round pick #12 – Two years a Bear, 67.7 QB rating with 19 interceptions and 6 fumbles lost in just 25 games. How Miami and San Francisco ever let him sit on their roster blows me away.

Yeah, I know, no Rex (he had his moments, and still could have some), no Benson (he was very productive in tandem with Thomas Jones and looked good in Cincy), and no Mark Bradley (he still could make some noise in K.C.).

Hopefully they’ll be no one in the 2009 draft class that could supplant one of these guys.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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