How One Tackle Altered NFL History

It's been a couple days since the Bears traded for Jay Cutler, and I still haven't came off my high just yet. I'm sure the rest of you are having trouble coming off that cloud as well. Words simply can't express the joy I felt the moment I heard the news. If i could best describe it, it was the same feeling I got when Obama won the election times ten.

I enjoyed sharing my emotions on the Gridion with the rest of the you when we found out. Believe me, If I would've been able to reach through the monitor to start hugging and lip-locking, I probably would have. For you guys sake, it's a good thing technology hasn't advanced that far .

But when I stopped to think about how we got here in the first place, I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity. We all know that this started with Bernard Pollard taking Tom Brady out for the entire season. But that hit is more significant than the Bears getting Cutler. It created a ripple effect that started in 2008, and at this moment, is still spreading out.

Here's my "theory". some may agree, some may not. I put numbers next to them, so just shout out the numbers to make it easier. Let's kick it off from the beginning...

 THESE EVENTS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IF THE BRADY INJURY NEVER OCCURRED. Just to clarify, this is complete speculation. Please don't ask me "how would I know" Because nobody knows.

1)The NFL loses it's reigning MVP who in the previous year, set the all time record for touchdown passes in the single season and led his team to a 16-0 record and to the superbowl.

2)New England goes with Matt Cassel, he leads the Patriots to an 11-5 record. They miss the playoffs. Cassel is Vaulted into the upper echelon of NFL quarterback. Many even see him as the Patriots starter beyond 2008.

3)Scott Pioli receives even more praise for drafting another late round backup QB who turned into a star. He leaves to become the general manager of the Chiefs.

4)Josh McDaniels is credited with turning Matt Cassel into a star QB, and keeping the offense afloat even after the loss of Brady, and the the numerous injuries at runningback, wide receiver, and offensive line. Becomes a favorite among coaching candidates.

5)The Miami Dolphins Go from a 1-15 season to AFC east champions with an 11-5 record.

6)The San Diego Chargers finish 8-8 and win the AFC west (SD beats NE 30-10 in week 6).

7)Peyton Manning wins his third MVP Award, Brett Favre and Jay cutler are elected to the Pro Bowl.

8)The Tennessee Titans earn the best record in the league and the #1 seed.

9)The Baltimore Ravens advance to the AFC championship game.

10)The Pittsburgh Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl. becomes the fist team to do so.

11)Tony Dungy retires from coaching after an early exit from the playoffs after the Indianapolis Colts lose to the Chargers

12)Mike Shannahan is fired after missing the playoffs for the third straight season. Rumors suggest Bowlen had McDaniels lined up to take over after the end of the season. Eventually, McDaniels is Hired as the new head coach of the Denver Broncos.

13)Herm Edwards is fired after a season where he said from the start will be for rebuilding purposes only. Pioli Replaces him with Todd Haley.

14)Eric Mangini is fired after a Brett Favre led New York Jets team finish 8-8 after starting out 6-2. He is hired by the Cleveland Browns to replace Romeo Crennel shortly after. Brett Favre eventually retires.

15)An NFL record 14 players are hit with the franchise tag.

16)The Patriots franchise Matt Cassel, thereafter, Cassel signs a $14 million tender offer. The Kansas City Chiefs trade their second round pick to New England in exchange for Cassel.

17)The Patriots leak information to the Boston Globe that the Broncos tried to shop Denver QB Jay Cutler to teams including Tampa Bay and Detroit, in order to receive draft picks to acquire Matt Cassel. The following month would see much drama unfold in Denver as the news caused a rift between Cutler and McDaniels.

18)The NFL institutes a rule that does not allow defenders to tackle a Quarterback below his legs.

19)The Buffalo Bills sign Terrell Owens.

20)Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen put's the league on notice that the team will trade Jay cutler. The New York Jets, Washington Redskins, and Detroit Lions publicly express interest in Cutler.

21)Jay Cutler is traded to the Chicago Bears. The Bears give up two first round draft picks, a third round pick and QB Kyle Orton.

that's where we end...for now. If there's anything else I'm forgetting, please share with me. or feel free to discuss.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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