Broncos Fan Here

Just wanted to give you guys some perspective from the other side.  First I guess I'll share my thoughts on what the Broncos got.

Kyle Orton:  Glad we got this guy in the trade.  Gotta love his neckbeard.  I'm sure that is one thing all of you guys will miss.  But I live in the Chicago area, so I watched a lot of his games last year.  I thought he did pretty well, being given Forte and the TEs as his best and pretty much his only recieving options.  Seems like he could do some damage in a system like McDaniel's.  He isn't as physically gifted as Jay Cutler, but you guys know, he gets the job done.

The Draft Picks:  I'm not going to lie, the Bears gave up a lot for Cutler, but I can see why.  Jerry Angelo has struggled drafting offensive talent, so why not give up some picks that might have been used on a potential offisive bust.  Jay is the best QB to come to Chicago since Sid Luckman.  These picks will help turn around our god awful defense.  That makes me happy.



Now my thoughts on the Bears end of the deal.  I'll get the negatives out of the way first.

Negatives:  Jay is a GREAT talent, but I'm going to point out first some of the things that I don't like too much about Jay Cutler.  HIs attitude can be very negative sometimes.  He seems to fold in important games, and this offseason, has showed he won't face adversity.  Don't believe me?  He is 0-5 in games to get the Broncos into the playoffs.  But broncoboy, the reason is because the defense was the worst in broncos history!  It isn't entirely their fault.  The last 3 games of the season Jay needed to lead the Broncos to just ONE win to make the playoffs.  This is what he did.  He threw twice as many picks than touchdowns and had a QB rating under 50.  Keep in mind he played behind an offensive line that gave up a league-low 11 sacks, and had recieving weapons all over the place.  The Broncos also had 17 two-mintue drives last year.  How many touchdowns did Cutler lead them to?  None. Just one field goal.  Not to mention he turns the ball over in the red-zone more than anywhere else.

In Denver he also showed he does not have a lot of leadership qualities.  He goes and sits on the bench after every drive and yells at his teammates way too much.  He is no better of a person than Phillip Rivers has been in the past.

But let's stay positive with the trade!

Positives:  Jay is a stud! He can make all the throws, and is very accurate in the pocket, and outside of it.  He is more mobile than Orton and Grossman, and isn't doesn't shy away from contact when running the ball.  He will instantly inprove the Bears offense, and he will put up the numbers.  Maybe not as good as last year, because the offenses are really different, but he will do some damage.  They guy has an arm like no other, maybe even stronger than Elway's and Favre's.

He probably won't have the bad attitude problems in Chicago.  He loves the Bears!  He never really cared about what being a Bronco meant. So I wouldn't worry too much about the attitude.

Review:  This trade is good for both teams.  The Broncos get picks to rebuild the defense, and a proven winner and leader in Kyle Orton.  The Bears get a franchise QB in Jay Cutler.  Jay Cutler gets a team that he actually WILL play for, so he should be happy.  He was a Bears fan growing up, so why not?  The only thing you Bears fans have to watch out for is his attitude.  Mabye he can mature and turn into a leader, but he was nothing close to that in Denver.  He put himself above the rest of the 52 guys there.  He starts out very hot in games, and the season, but fold has folded in the 4rth quarter of games, and the 4rth quarter of the season.  If you guys can hold back his gunslinging ways, the Bears will probably be in the playoffs this year.

Sorry if I sound really angry, I am!  Cutler quit on us!  I don't hate Bears fans. But you guys just improved your football team.  He loves Chicago, the Bears, and apparently the fans, more than Denver's.  Good luck this year Bears fans, best of wishes!

Go Broncos :P

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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