This Season's Success Falls To The Defense--- Not Cutler

Reading through some posts on the board here recently it seems like most of us are secure in the thought that Jay Cutler is a good QB.  We would also agree that our offense should improve even if we don't add a veteran or impact WR.  Now this is Chicago Bears football we're talking about.... The Monsters of the Midway...  so in good conscience I have to say that this season is still all about the D. 

No disrespect intended to Jay and Co on the offense; but does anybody really believe that the run first smashmouth football style will lead this team deep into the playoffs?  Do you see the game being placed on Jay's arm and hoping he can gun sling us to victory after victory? 

I decided to jump in the way back machine and provide some insight on defensive rankings and the correlation to making the playoffs. The stats go back farther but I only went back to 1979 since that was the year of my birth.  The stats are provided here.

In the last 30 years the Bears have been to the playoffs 11 times.   With that being said the following is an average of all the rankings for the 11 playoff qualifying seasons.

Overall DefensiveRanking for Points Allowed(AVG): 2.5

Overall Offensive Ranking for Points Scored(AVG): 12.6

Overall Defensive Ranking for Yards Allowed(AVG): 4.4

Overall Offensive Ranksings for Yards Accumulated(AVG): 14.6

The obvious statement to be made here is if the defense is good we'll make the playoffs.   But is it that easy?

Compairing the 2008 season to the last 2 seasons that we made the playoffs:

2008-  Offense                  Defense

        Pts      Yds                 Pts      Yds

        14         26                   16        21

2006-    Offense               Defense

        Pts       Yds                Pts       Yds

         2          15                   3            5

2005     Offense               Defense

             Pts      Yds            Pts    Yds

              26        29               1        2

We all know about the 06 superbowl run, the defense was great more so once Rex became bad Rex good Rex, 05 showed us that we don't need an offense at all just a dominat D.  08 just like 07 showed us if we're average at both it's a coin flip on if we make it or not.  So I guess this year something has to improve, I for one hope it's both the D and the O, but even if the O gets just slightly better and the D returns to 05-06 form we could see a long playoff run. 

So basically I want to see more of this:



And less of this:



<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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