Comparing Dent To Strahan

With the recent endorsement of Richard Dent for the Hall Of Fame by Colts standout Dwight Freeney (as seen here), I though I'd dust off some research I did a while back for comparing Dent to Michael Strahan.

Most NFL experts are predicting Michael Strahan to be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer after his 5 year waiting period, with most experts calling his induction a no-brainer.  Is he a sure thing for 1st ballot induction?  I think so.  He was one of the best at his position for a long time and he put up some outstanding numbers on some really good Giant defenses.

I've always thought Dent should be in the Hall, but the comparison between these two show just how good Dent's numbers are when compared to the virtual lock Michael Strahan.

Richard Dent - 137.5
Michael Strahan - 141.5

Double Digit Sack Seasons:
Richard Dent - 8
Michael Strahan - 6

Forced Fumbles:
Richard Dent - 37
Michael Strahan - 24

Fumbles Recovered:
Richard Dent - 13
Michael Strahan - 15

Richard Dent - 8
Michael Strahan - 4

* Solo Tackles:
Richard Dent - 671
Michael Strahan - 667

* I'll only compare solo tackles because before 1994 teams recorded tackles on a team by team basis and many teams never bothered with assists, from 1994-2001 tackles were recorded by every team but not recognized as an official NFL statistic, in 2001 tackles became an official NFL statistic.

Pro Bowls:
Richard Dent - 4
Michael Strahan - 7

All Pro Teams:
Richard Dent - 2 first team / 2 second teams
Michael Strahan - 5 first teams / 1 second team

** Post Season Appearances:
Richard Dent - 7
Michael Strahan - 7

** Divisional Titles won by respective teams:
Richard Dent - 6
Michael Strahan - 3

** Conference Championships:
Richard Dent - 1
Michael Strahan - 2

** Super Bowl Rings:
Richard Dent - 1
Michael Strahan - 1

** Richard Dent was on the roster but injured for 2 additional playoff teams, the 1994 49ers & the 1995 Bears, the '94 Niners won the NFC West and went on to win the Super Bowl garnering Dent a second Ring.

Additional Awards:
Richard Dent - Super Bowl XX MVP
Michael Strahan - 2001 NFL Defensive POY, 2001 & 2003 NFC Defensive POY

They both played 15 years in the NFL, Dent from '83-'97 and Strahan from '93-'07. Strahan did his damage in 216 games while starting 205 and Dent amassed his numbers in 203 games with 150 starts. When Dent retired he was 3rd all time in sacks.

I think part of the reason Dent is overlooked was the stigma of him being a pass rush specialist and weak against the run, a label he got early in his career, but in fact he never backed down against the run as his 671 solo tackles can attest. Another reason is his last few years he was riddled with injuries, and leaving the game on your own terms like Michael Strahan makes for a better storybook ending. Had Dent gone out after his 11th season, finishing up as a pro bowl player in 1993, the Hall Of Fame voters would have looked on his career in a better light.

Without question I think Strahan should be in the Hall, but how can any one argue against Dent making it as well?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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