Top-5 Games You Want Da Bears to Win

next season,  and your reasons why???? (including pre-season)

My list goes

1. Pittsburgh Steelers-  They are always claiming to have the best fans and whatnot but if the Steelers started losing they would be treated like a diseased step-child.  See Pittsburgh Pirates.  Also i feel like the superbowl was kind've handed to them last season.  Im just not a fan of them i guess.

2. Minnesota Vikings-  Vikes fans talk like every player on their roster is the second coming, aside from T-Jack and Rosenfels. They had the same amount of hype last and they ended up bending over and taking it from the eagles in the playoffs.  I've heard that AP is the best running back in NFL history and that they're a quarterback away from the superbowl blah blah blah im looking forward to Viqueen fans finally shutting up.

3. Atlanta Falcons-  They had their storybook turnaround last season now its time for them to return to their pit of suckitude.  They beat us in a HEARTBREAKER last year and im not sold on Matt Ryan.

4. Denver Broncos (pre-season)-  They have had such good Quarterbacks for so long i think they underestimate the value of the position.  From reading over posts i've learned Broncos fans seem to think they will actually compete, and may even be improved, this year with Kyle Orton and i just really want them to be wrong.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Watching the SB last season i just couldnt help but feel like they didnt belong there.  They poorly represented the NFC and their defense made that cupcake offense of The Steelers look good.  Shame on you Arizona.

Honorable Mention- The Green Bay Packers would usually be the first team on my list but they didn't really compete that much last year.  I still want Da Bears to sweep them though.

Just to make it clear im sorry if this list offends anyone for some  odd reason,  if you really are such a devout defender of any of the teams on this list good for you,  and if you want to troll me because im a new poster please keep it to a one comment maximum. thank you lol.  P.S. Cardinals suck no matter what anyone says.  Bears are gunna kick the crap outta them.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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