Thought I'd Pay a Visit.

  With all the changes my beloved Broncos suffered I really haven't had time to explore other SB sites. It seemed only right that I should start with a few of my alternate favorite teams to root for (unless you're playing us).

     My main reason for this post is to see how your team is progressing and  your expectations, but I'll start with a very brief update on the Broncos.

     Everyone knows the troubles we had with Defense last year, the firing of Kubiak's mentor 'Shanny' (as he's fondly known in Denver), our loss of Pro-Bowl QB Cutler, and Pro-Bowl WR Marshall's, "I want to be traded" mess. To keep this from being a 5000 word essay I'll just briefly touch on each of these subjects...starting with Marshall and working backwords to Defense.


     In my humble opinion Brandon wants a raise...that's the entire issue. The problem is his hip and his off-field antics. No-one knows if his hip is an issue and won't until he plays....hips are funny things--ask Bo Jackson. As far as his 'off-field' issues--they are becoming further and further apart. Brandon is really a very nice guy--kinda reminds of Shannon Sharpe--but Shannon did all his (rather mouthy-funny-very-enjoyable) partying in the stadium during games...then went home and shut up. Will Marshall be in Denver this  season? I believe he will. I doubt any team will fork up what his tallent deserves in a trade with these two issues unanswered. Will he be with Denver next year? I hope so.


     This one hurt....period. Jay is the real deal. There have been some critics saying that he forces too many throws--but that is bunk. During games when he had a supporting running game Jay was nearly flauless, with QB ratings regularly over 100. The problem is we sent something like 10 or 11 RB's to IR last was just crazy. No QB in the NFL  had entire games put on his shoulder as what happened to Jay last year...I wish him well in Chicago. As far as our offense this year, I'll try to cover that next segment...

New Head Coach:

     I couldn't be more impressed with Josh McDaniel. Despite the rocky start and the Cutler debalcle he has been nothing but professional. The funny thing he reminds me of Shanny when he first became HC and Kubiak's love of being involved (on a personal basis) with the offense. I personally think we will have just as good, if not a better, offense than we had last year. Our OL is set--one of the best in the NFL--and we've made a really fun addition. I was absolutely shocked (considering our defensive problems) when we took Knowshon Moreno with our first pick. At the time it didn't make sense. After studying, however, Knowshon's career and videos I couldn't be more excited. He is a true 'one-cut' don't-give-up runner and our only 'hold-overs' in coaching were our OL and RB coaches. He may not be the next Terrell Davis--but he is what I'll call a 'complete-natural' at RB.  We also have a secret weapon in a FB named Peyton Hillis, who, in just three short games, became possibly the most popular player in Denver. I kid you not this guy is 'Larry Csonka' with really great hands and a lot more speed. In fact his first five-yard burst may be as fast as any in the league--and the guy is over 250 lbs. His top speed may not be that great but watching him put his head down and plow his way over defenders for another five, six, seven yards is just plain fun. Old fashion 'Smash-Mouth' football. Almost brings a tear to this old-blogger's eye.

    After watching Cutler for a couple years Kyle Orton is indeed a step back--as far as tallent. However, Kyle is looking good as a leader and really picked up McDaniels complicated offense in a hurry. If Brandon shows up to really play this year--our offense is going to be awsome.


     Our changes in Defense may have me more excited about this season than I've been in years.  McDaniels obviously wanted to focus on the offense so he brought in Mike Nolan as our DC. As I said before I was shocked by the lack of defensive picks this draft--but then again--I didn't have access to team films that Josh and Mike had for 3 to 4 months before the draft. I am so happy to see our defense go back to a 3-4 alignment. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Joe Collier but he basically invented the 3-4 defense which resulted in our 'Orange Crush' defense and Denver finally could win. and win again.........and again...........ever since.

     We have lacked this quality the last couple years but I have a funny feeling that we are about to get it back right away.  Another aspect we have lacked is the word 'attack' in our defense and one of the first statements out of Nolan is, "This will be an attacking defense."  Yes!!!!!!!!!   Yes!!!!!!!!!!  I love it!!

     One of the first moves Nolan made was to bring Brian Dawkins in--what a great move--instant stability and leadership in the locker room. With Bailey and Dawkins in the secondary we may be a defensive force much sooner than people think. The other fun surprise is the number is the amount of tallent we already had that did not fit in the last two year's defensive schemes. Many of us here at Mile High Report are shaking our heads and realizing that we have a plethora of good athletes that fit in a 3-4 scheme. There have been several posts comparing us to the, "No Name" defense that carried Miami through its Super Bowls. I Kid you not........I am really excited. The MSM may think we didn't address needed issues but I have a gut feeling that we may accidently have three of the best defensive line-men in the NFL.  I could be wrong--but I don't think so--I've watched this game for a long time. Watch for these names:

     Marcus Thomas, Carlton Powell, and Chris Baker.

     Put these names in your where-ever and remember you heard it here first.

WOW!!  I am so sorry!!  I came here to ask you guys a couple questions and wondered how I could do that and meet the 75 or 100 word requirement (whatever it is).

Anyway here are my questions:

1.  What do you feel are the most positive changes to your team this year?

2. Are there any negative changes to your team?

3. Should Favre give it up..and if he doesn't can you handle him?

4. Will you make they playoffs?

5. What will be your season record?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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