My response to Denver fans...

I really haven't been able to visit WCG as much lately, but after seeing all these posts from Broncos fans about how immature Cutler is and how he is not as good as he is hyped up to believe I thought I would bring up a few points. I hate commenting late because I feel that nobody reads posts after a certain time period, so I thought I would start a new post.

1. On the big deal Bronco's fans seem to have with Cutler drinking, Bears fans seemed to joke knowing that Orton is a notorious drinker himself. But that was somewhat refuted by Endzone; who said...

I was not aware before now that Orton had any drinking or bad party habits. All the news here in Denver is that he shows up early and leaves late and is completely focused on the Broncos




This shows Orton as a drinker with some serious party habits, my point being you can go out and have fun and still be a team oriented guy.  

2. The differences in winning percentages was brought up, and Bears fans countered with the fact the Orton had a better defense. Again Endzone (sorry to somewhat pick on you dude, but I'm just trying to respectfully disagree) responded with this... 

I’ll admit your D was better than ours. But not by much

Okay last season was a bad year for our defense but Orton won 10 games in 2005 when I believe our Defense was ranked #1 in the NFL, so that helps his winning percentage. Also Orton received a lot more help from his running game than Cutler did. This was brought up by Ditkavsworld, but I just wanted to rebring it up.

3. The difference in O-Line talent between the Bears and the Broncos, while I'll admit that the Bronco's have a better O-Line I would argue not by much. 

LT- We brought in future Hall of Fame Orlando Pace, which will bring the natural he is only a shell of his former self debate, but I would like to point out 2 things, 1) He only gave up 2 sacks last season, and 2) for an athlete at the end of a highly successful career I think their is a big difference between playing for a championship contender and a league bottom dweller.

LG- Most likely Frank Omiyale will be starting, which brings the he is a league journeyman response, but I will point out a few things, 1) He was a league journeyman at LT, and OT is a lot harder to play than OG, ex. Leonard Davis from the Cowboys who was initially labeled a bust after failing to produce as a highly rated LT in the draft for the Cardinals, and is now a 2 time pro bowl selection at RG, and 2) Omiyale is actually considered a very good pass protecter and that is good news for Cutler. 

C- Olin Kreutz will be starting, and he was at one point considered the best center in the game, and I would argue a future Hall of Famer. 

RG- Roberto Garza will be the starter, and according to stats is still one of the best RG's in the NFL

RT- Most likely Chris Williams, and this brings the unproven response, but the Bronco's did pretty good with unproven Ryan Clady last year at LT an even harder position. Now Williams was highly regarded as one of the best pass protectors in the 2008 NFL draft.

I don't know about you guys but this looks like a pretty solid pass protecting O-Line for Cutler

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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