Training Camp Day 2 Updated!

With two-a-days starting today, I decided to put this up a little earlier. I'll be away from the internet until later in the afternoon, so prepare for an onslaught of updates then!

Currently following: Brad Biggs, Jeff Dickerson, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Jay CutlerVaughn McClure, David Haugh, Fontel Mines, Dez Clark, and All links *should* open in a new window!

If you know of anyone else Chicago Bear related not on my list, leave a comment or if you're shy you can click my name and email me. :-) 

*End of Day 1 updates*

DavidHaugh Bobby Wade expresses regret over Urlacher-Cutler comments...sure not first fumble involving the Bears.

tightwork88 have you checked out the blog yet????? i will be blogging about our upcoming season

gregolsen82 Callin it a day..great first day back at it tomorrow

DavidHaugh Cutler likes early chemistry with WR group; Angelo not interested in Matt Jones. Read Trib's Bears Bits.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Saturday night's practice at Ward Field should be very interesting. It'll be the first time the Bears work out in pads this year.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Saw Vandy coach Bobby Johnson dining with ex-Vandy players Jay Cutler, Earl Bennett, Chris Williams, Hunter Hillenmeyer and D.J. Moore.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Jay Cutler was as good as advertised in first practice. Check out complete recap: Link:

*Day 2 updates*

vxmcclure23 Saturday's morning session abbreviated. Real practice starts at 7 p.m.

vxmcclure23 saturday morning bears practice complete. Tommie Harris and Danieal Manning limited.

DavidHaugh Key to offensive line resurgence is Orlando Pace, who according one set of trained eyes looks awfully good.

ESPNChiBears Just spoke with mel kiper. He says forget about cutler, the defense is the key to 2009.

ChicagoBearscom CW: Cutler interview,Smith interview, Pace interview, and a Training Camp Report with highlights all on

ESPNChiBears Not trying to sound like jerry taft, but it's a little overcast down here this morning. Hope it clears up by tonight's practice.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Best play of Saturday AM practice: Cutler rifled pass to TE Desmond Clark through tiny window, splitting LBs Hillenmeyer and Williams.

vxmcclure23 Funny to see B. Urlacher dancing to "Blame It" by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain. Even funnier to see L. Briggs playing it on his boombox.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Just saw ex-Bears quarterback Jim Miller (a favorite of mine) at dining hall. He's at training camp to do his NFL Sirius Radio show.

ChicagoBearscom LM: Bears held mini-practice (closed to public) this morning in Bourbonnais. First practice in pads starts tonight at 7 p.m. at Ward Field.

FMines89 taking a nap before meetings and practice #2

gregolsen82 Thanks for all you guys rooting for us. had pretty good session this morning but pads go on for tonight. should be fun NAP TIME!!

vxmcclure23 Tavaris jackson of the vikings hurt, per Is favre coming back?

ESPNChiBears Just followed kevin seifert on espnews. Kevin has info on tavaris jackson injury on his nfc north blog.

vxmcclure23 Danieal Manning promises to practice tonight

*Updates at 3:15pm*

ChicagoBearscom LM: Zackary Bowman is determined to make most of his chance to work with No. 1 defense. Link: Mobile:

DavidHaugh Sox Peavy impressive in presser. Deal similar to Cutler trade but does this make Ken Williams best GM in Chicago?

ESPNChiBears Raining all afternoon down in bourbonnais.

BradBiggs Our friend kevin seifert at espn dot com tells us tavaris jackson has a sprained mcl

BradBiggs Some afternoon and morning nuggets from camp.

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