Twitter Updates 8/10/2009

Seeing that our usual Twitter informant is down with bad headaches, I am offering what I have been tweeted thus far today.

Seeing the work that goes into this, it's a good opportunity to thank Allie for all of the hard work.  Here are the first batch, I will update when I am able.  Also a good opportunity to wish Allie a speedy recovery

  1. ESPNChiBearsBowman not doing much either. from txt     
  2. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsAfalava with first team on goal line. from txt     
  3. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsIglesias fails to make a play. from txt     
  4. David Haugh DavidHaughHester leaps high to make impressive grab....might not be true No. 1 WR yet but looks closer than he has in the past from API     
  5. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsHester with great catch running a drag route. Leaping high in the air and extending. from txt     
  6. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsTommie just standing around during d-line drills. from txt     
  7. Brad Biggs BradBiggsCb zack bowman (hammy) not ready yet. He's doing work with trainer bobby slater on the side from txt     
  8. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsLittle kid was screaming in my ear when i was on the air. Priceless. from txt     
  9. Brad Biggs BradBiggsHunter hillenmeyer back at practice today, a good sign for him from txt     
  10. Brad Biggs BradBiggsEven the long snapper gets a day off, pat mannelly wearing a ballcap this afternoon. from txt     
  11. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsJeff Dickerson is live on ESPN 1000 right now! Listen live at from web     
  12. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsCharles tillman bundled up walking around fields. Trying to break a sweat. from txt     
  13. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsTony medlin sounds the horn. Practice offically underway. from txt     
  14. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsHillenmeyer with black sleeve on right elbow and calf region. He can't catch a break health wise. from txt     
  15. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsPat mannelly looks to be getting a veteran's day off. from txt     
  16. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsZack bowman also in full pads with helmet. we'll watch him closely. from txt     
  17. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsHunter hillenmeyer in full pads. from txt     
  18. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsTommie harris dressed for practice. let's see how much work he does. from txt     
  19. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsJust saw my first 'good as gould' t-shirt. from txt     
  20. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsPopping on with waddle and silvy at 12:25. from txt     
  21. Brad Biggs BradBiggsSean Smith, not Vontae Davis, turning heads in Miami from web     
  22. David Haugh DavidHaughGood to be back in Bourbonnais to watch football again...guess I was wrong about being back before Zack Bowman. Good thing with TO days away from web     
  23. Jeff Dickerson ESPNChiBearsOn the way to practice. Gorgeous day. from txt     
  24. Brad Biggs BradBiggsThe focus in Dallas this summer is football. It's a novel approach. from web     
  25. Brad Biggs BradBiggsDungy must know a signing is coming for Vick, right? from web

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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