Time for some Speculation (53 Man Roster Edition)

With recent musings in this fanpost section about the receiver situation, I figured we can attempt to put on our "Lovie faces" and figure out which 53 guys we want to take up into Wisconsin come Week 1. There are some obvious choices, some fairly solid predictions, and then there's the bubble.

Like the wise musings of House of Pain, jump around!

Let's list the obvious first

1. QB1- Jay "Sizzle" Cutler

2. QB2- Caleb Hanie

3. HB1-Matt Forte

4. HB2- Kevin Jones

5. TE1- Greg "7th Floor Crew" Olsen

6. TE2- Dez Clarke

7. WR1- Devin Hester

8. WR2- Earl Bennett

9. WR3- Brandon Rideau

10. LT1- Orlando Pace

11. LG1- Josh Beekman

12. C1- Olin Kreutz

13. RG1- Roberto "I was on the cover of Madden '09" Garza

14. RT1- Chris Williams

15. OG- Frank Omiyale

16. OT- Kelly Schaffer

17. LS (My personal favorite Bear)- Patrick Mannely

18. K- Robbie Gould

19. P- Brad Maynard

20. LDE1- Adewale Ogunleye

21. RDE1- Alex Brown

22. DE2- Mark Anderson

23. DT1- Tommie Harris

24. DT2- Marcus Harrison

25. WLB1- "Lambo" Lance Briggs

26. MLB1- Brian Urlacher

27. SLB1- Pisa Tinoisamoa

28. CB1- Charles "Peanut" Tillman

29. CB2- Nathan Vasher

30. SS1- Kevin Payne

31. SS2- Al Afalava

32. FS1- Danieal Manning

33. FS2- Craig Steltz

Now I think we can all agree that these 33 names are already on the roster. Most of the rankings are also sealed, some may move (the o-line might be a good example). But all 33 of these guys will be on the roster.

Now it gets harder, I will use my best judgement to help us all out here.


34. QB3- Brett Basanez (He would most likely be gone if Jerry finds a veteran backup, Calebisn't the best insurance plan right now)

35. RB3- Garrett Wolfe (He will contribute in the 3rd phase. Plus the coaches have mentioned him quite a bit during camp. I give him a slight edge over AP)

36. FB1- Jason McKie (I honestly do not know who will be the FB for the Bears, personally I hope its WIll Ta'ufo'ou but I'm a little jaded after the Carolina game last year)

37. WR4- Johnny Knox (Special teamer at worst)

38. TE3- Kellen Davis (ST as well, seems to have started progressing)

39. DE4- Henry Melton (Forgot to mention him earlier, we better keep him)

40. DT3- Jarron Gilbert (Same as Melton, too lazy to change it now)

41. DT4- Isreal Idonije (ST, plus can be played all over the line)

42. CB3- Corey Graham (From what I've heard he's had a pretty good offseason)

43. CB4- Dre Moore (I personally want to see this Vandy product return some kicks)

Now we are down to our final 10 roster spots. Can you feel the tension? I'll try breaking it down for you the best I can:

44. WR5- Devin Aromashodu vs. Rashied Davis vs. Juaquin Iglesias (I see DA taking it for now, Sizzle likes him and that's a huge help.)

45. WR6/TE4/HB4- Davis vs. Iglesias vs. Michael Gaines vs. Adrain Peterson (I'm giving this to Iglesias currently. It's hard to try to sneak a third rounder onto a practice squad)

46. DT5- Anthony Adams vs. Matt Toeiana vs. Dusty Dvoracek (hard to call, I say Adams will most likely be on the roster, with Dusty and Matt taking 2nd and 3rd respectively)

47. LB4- Nick Roach vs. Jamar Williams vs. Hunter Hillenmayer (Jeez, these are starting to get tough. I think two will make it. Roach seems to be one)

48. LB5- Jamar Williams vs. Hunter Hillenmayer (I say Hunter will get it because he has more experience with the system, was a starter etc.)

49. DB9- Marcus Hamilton vs. Josh Bullocks (Seeing as this guy would be pretty much only ST, common sense dictates Hamilton since he is younger and Bullocks hasn't played much recently)

The final four is getting really hard and since they're all pretty much ST'ers or superflous backups it's a little hard to determine, so here we go:

50. HB4/OL8- Adrian Peterson vs. Dan Buenning (Toss up really, I would suggest taking the OL help since there's a lot of injury history there. Dan it is.)

51. HB4/TE4- Adrian Peterson vs. Michael Gaines ( Got to go with AP here, as a HB he's nothing huge. But he is a pretty good ST guy. There seems to be enough depth already at TE to not need him in comparison to AP)

52. DL- Matt Toeaina vs. Dusty Dvoracek (Dusty, I guess. He hasn't stayed healthy too often but looks good when he is)

and number 53 is Zach Bowman since I fogot to mention him earlier. sorry for the anti-climactic ending.


If you want to talk about a particular position battle or player I'd love to hear your input. I haven't seen second one of TC and the only updates I seem to get come from you, so any word is a good word.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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