Tweets from Day 3

As before, I figured I'd add in some of the best tweets from Bears training camp.

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Practice doesn't start until 3... so updates will begin in earnest then!

ESPNChiBears Quite a few national media types arriving the next few days. Bears a big story across the country.

ESPNChiBears Parking lots were full at 11 am. Beautiful day for some football.

ESPNChiBears Bears likely to play it safe with forte. Limit his reps. Still coming back from hamstring in otas.

DavidHaugh Bears 3 p.m. practice gives time to catch up on ex-Bears like The Pride of Lake Travis who is now a Bengal.

ESPNChiBears Tight ends last group to arrive to lunch. Funny how the perception of that position has changed in chicago.

ESPNChiBears I remember a day when tight ends were second class citizens in this city.

ESPNChiBears lot's of players slipping first two days. Keep an eye on the footing this afternoon.

ESPNChiBears Largest crowd of camp expected today. Only sunday practice on the schedule.

ChicagoBearscom If you weren't at practice last night, we've got the highlights (, interviews and a CBTV with #44 (

ESPNChiBears Bears fans refuse to sleep. Just awoken to chants of go bears go. It's 419am.

ESPNChiBears they're freestyle rapping. 5 guys wearing robbie gould jerseys battling it out to notorious b.i.g.

ESPNChiBears Super nintendo, sega's notorious b.i.g. i'm double bolting my door.

Not Bears related, but it made me laugh. RT = retweet where you forward someone else's line:
SI_RossTucker He is also youngest looking NFL player I've ever seen. I am old. RT @Adam_Schefter: Eagles have a man crush on 2nd-rd pick, RB LeSean McCoy.


vxmcclure23 cutler lined out wide left as hester sets up in the wildcat. the crowd roars. hey, cutler can block, you know.

ESPNChiBears We have a wildcat sighting. And i don't mean pat fitzgerald.

vxmcclure23 practice underway at olivet nazarene. marcus harrison on side field getting his weight right


BradBiggs Dt matt toeaina, who had his left knee wrapped in practice last night, is sitting out

ESPNChiBears I have never seen d linemen pushed this hard in practice in my six years covering the team.

vxmcclure23 first drop on drills, Juaquin Iglesias

vxmcclure23 wow, rashied davis creates quite a stir with simple catch. good for him.

vxmcclure23 a fan in the stands challenging a campus security guy to a fight if he doesnt move from blocking his viiew. easy people.

DavidHaugh Cutler and WRs putting on show warming up....obvious Hanie throwing with more command too -- hard to ignore

ESPNChiBears Tim spencer throwing huge red ball at the running backs. Working on pass blocking.

ESPNChiBears Juaquin iglesias adjusting well in the air to catch deep pass.

ESPNChiBears Somebody just asked if 86 was marty booker. Booker and eric peterman look a lot alike.

vxmcclure23 kevin jones getting first team reps ahead of forte

ESPNChiBears You know i'm kidding, right?

BradBiggs Forte not with 1st rteam in inside run drill again.


vxmcclure23 rashied puts heck of a move on manning, but drops it.

vxmcclure23 hunter hillenmeyer in floppy hat and doesnt appear to be practicing. hes coming off sports hernia surgery

vxmcclure23 brad maynard booming his punt today. maybe there was no need to bring in mcgee

vxmcclure23 earl bennett fielding punts with hester. could bennett be the heir apparent?

ESPNChiBears 7 on 7 time.

ESPNChiBears Jamar williams with the starters at WLB. Briggs taking a break.

vxmcclure23 cutler starts 6 for 6 during 7 on 7. spectator asks defense, "when you gonna stop one of the passes?"

ESPNChiBears Pisa and wolfe collide. Loud hit!

vxmcclure23 alex brown a little banged up. working with training staff.

ESPNChiBears Omiyale with a pancake block on anthony adams.

ChicagoBearscom Bennett beat tight coverage from Vasher to haul in a deep pass from Cutler in 7-on-7 drills.

ChicagoBearscom Bennett beat tight coverage from Vasher to haul in a deep pass from Cutler in 7-on-7 drills.

ChicagoBearscom DJ Moore intercepted a pass that was deflected by Corey Graham and raced down the left sideline.

vxmcclure23 mark anderson getting attention much like a. brown just did.

vxmcclure23 roach also getting a few reps with the first team for pisa

**ROUNDUP AT 10:05PM**

DavidHaugh Nearly 11,000 people turned out to watch Bears practice -- that\'s a lot of neglected lawns on a Sunday. D-line impressive

BradBiggs Notes from Saturday practice

gregolsen82 Another good day. relaxing before night meetings.

ESPNChiBears Idonije really broke down working with marinelli. Story on

ESPNChiBears Hillenmeyer and briggs are expected back at practice monday.

ESPNChiBears Henry melton was carrying three sets of pads off the field, in addition to his own. Classic rookie hazing.

ESPNChiBears Jarron gilbert looked better today. His speed is apparent, is he strong enough to work inside at this level?

ESPNChiBears Caleb hanie sharp this camp. Growth from last summer evident.

ESPNChiBears Fewer guys slipped on field today. Grass was cut shorter to combat all the footing issues.

DavidHaugh Blind faith in WR Earl Bennett is a risk but he does look like a different receiver early in camp. Still has lots to prove

ESPNChiBears Kevin Jones attacking defenders like they owe him money. KJ one of the top standouts so far in camp.

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