Players to watch closely Saturday Night




Jay Cutler- The offense is going to be very Vanilla through out the pre-season; What I want to see from Cutler is just for him to go through all of his whole progression and find the open man instead of locking on to one receiver. I know you want to build chemistry with your number 1 wide out, but if he's not open go somewhere else with the football. With Olsen slated to play this Saturday along with Forte we will most likely see Cutler go through his whole progression and move the football down the field.

Orlando Pace and Chris Williams- Osi and Justin Tuck are the perfect test to see can Orlando Pace still perform well against elite competition and see where Williams is at and his development. My eyes probably will be more on Chris Williams and whether he can contain Tuck. The whole Bears offensive line did a good job pass protecting last Saturday, but struggle against the run which leads me to the next players to watch closely Saturday night.

Frank Omiyale and Roberto Graza- With Forte Slated to play Saturday we have to see a better performance from Graza and Omiyale when Run Blocking. They let the Bills defensive tackles pushed them around last Saturday so it will be interesting to see how they perform against some good Tackles in Canty and Robbins. It's important for Omiyale to put on a good showing Saturday, being that he's going to be our Starting Left Guard no matter how much Beekman out performs him.

Brandon Rideau- With news that Devin Aromashodu is shinning on Special Teams in practice and also on offense; that puts a lot of pressure on Rideau to start performing in these up coming pre-season games. Rideau has performed great in practice lining up as the Bears 3rd Wide Receiver; Now if he can transfer his success onto the actual games we'll be ok at WR.

Juaquin Iglesias- Johnny Knox was the flavor of the month during OTA practices out shinning Iglesias in every detail of the wide receiver position. Since then Knox has struggle and Iglesias has stepped up and showed more promise. With Knox Struggling, now is the opportunity for Iglesias to distant him self away from Knox by continuing to perform well in practice and transferring that hard work into the pre-season games.



Mark Anderson- All I heard from Training Camp was how improved Mark Anderson looked, and how Anderson was benefiting from Maranelli teaching. Last Saturday when the Stadium lights cut on it looked like the same old Mark Anderson. Bears fans are familiar with this Mark Anderson where he either gets pushed out of the play or just simply get stood up by tackle. Hopefully we see a better performance by not only him, but the whole defensive line.

Marcus Harrison and Jarron Gilbert- Harrison and Gilbert didn't have such a bad game last week in Buffalo. Harrison has been impressing the coaches in practice lately with the way he has whipped into game shape and pick up the Techniques of Nose Tackle. Jarron Gilbert played well last Saturday making Buffalo interior lineman double team him on many occasions. Both of these guys played well last weekend and I expect their play to carry over to this weeks game against the Giants.

Al Afalava- This guy has been one the biggest surprises during Training camp. With Manning being out due to injury Afalava has took the opportunity and ran with it. He has shown the coaches that he has a knack for being around the ball and is good at wrapping up when tackling. Loviehas been impressed with how he has quickly picked up the playbook,and with Manning continuing to nurse that sore hamstring he will have further more opportunities to keep cementing his spot as the starting FS in Nickel Situations over Steltz.

Woodny Turenne- Has quietly had a good camp making plays on the football and showing the speed to cover Wide Receivers. Saturday will be a good test for Turenne as he will likely be going up against rookie WR's Hakeem Nicks and Rames Barden.

Jamar Williams and Pisa Tinoisamoa- Pisa seems to have the starting Strong Side Linebacker job wrapped up as he been having a good training camp so far. Coaches have been raving about Williams since OTA's, but they seem to have made up their minds all along once they acquire Pisa via Free Agency. Even though this position battle seems just about over I'm going to keep my eye on Williams play in the pre-season just to see how good is the depth behind Urlacher Briggs and Pisa.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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