Best tweets from Day 4


Currently following: Brad Biggs, Jeff Dickerson, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Jay CutlerVaughn McClure, David Haugh, Fontel Mines, Dez Clark, Tommie Harris and All links *should* open in a new window!

Not as many as the past few days, but I found these the most interesting while skimming the feed earlier, why YES I do like Jeff Dickerson, why do you ask?

ESPNChiBears Top campers so far-bowman, jones, jamar williams, marinelli and olsen.

ChicagoBearscom LM: My cell phone's performing about as well as Cubs closer Kevin Gregg. Will have to fix it so I can tweet from today's noon practice.

ESPNChiBear sThanks everybody for all your responses. Still can't see them on this phone. Email is

ESPNChiBears Clouds moving out of the area. Maybe i should take over for tom skilling when he retires.

ESPNChiBears Football royalty has made it's way to bourbonnais. John Clayton at practice.

DavidHaugh Crowd lighter, humidity heavier as Day 4 begins...full pads for third straight day good move by Lovie

ESPNChiBears No such thing as a bad throw yells Drake to receivers.

ESPNChiBears Now running curls. Over and over. Must catch four passes. Quick feet. Tight around the cone.

ESPNChiBears Smooth and fast routes by bennett and knox.

ESPNChiBears Deep pass to knox. Crowd roars.

ESPNChiBears Fans show some love to fontel mines. One handed grab in corner of endzone.

ESPNChiBears Mark anderson throws down wolfe. where's he been the last two seasons?

ESPNChiBears Mcbride upback on kick return. Izzy and kellen davis witht the two man wedge.

ESPNChiBears Pisa a new hybrid blocker in return game. New rules in nfl.

ESPNChiBears sorry...i'm a special teams geek.

ESPNChiBears Manning with blanket coverage on bennett.

ESPNChiBears Michael gaines a good blocker. Too bad they just threw him the ball.

ESPNChiBears Hester hangs on for a tough catch over the middle.

Vxmcclure23 Harris on the field for full team drills. Looks fine. Same goes for forte. Just some early rest.

Vxmcclure23 Chris Williams solid at right tackle. Just fought off spin move by mark anderson.

Vxmcclure23 Anthony Adams just got a laugh out of the crowd yelling "booommm" rather than lowering the boom on forte

vxmcclure23 Two-minute drill starts with drop by forte

ESPNChiBears Orlando Pace pleased with progress of Chris Williams. Pace knows a thing or two about o-line play.

ESPNChiBears Forgot to mention the minor dust up between rashied davis and trumaine mcbride.

ESPNChiBears Maybe because it involved rashied davis and trumaine mcbride.

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