Tweets from Day 5 of Camp

As before, I'm following: Brad Biggs, Jeff Dickerson, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Jay CutlerVaughn McClure, David Haugh, Fontel Mines, Dez Clark, Tommie Harris and All links *should* open in a new window!

Be advised: the Cutler link may or may not be legit. Time will tell at this point!

I tried to put them in a chronological order... but it may not be perfect! Enjoy a feisty day at practice,

DavidHaugh Give the dietitian a raise; Marcus Harrison loses enough weight to be removed from NFI list before practice

vxmcclure23 ESPN's Jeff Dickerson making me sign autographs. Come on, man.

ESPNChiBears First humid day of camp. Nice crowd again this afternoon.

ESPNChiBears Full pads again. Fourth day in a row.

ESPNChiBears Club and rip. Love this marinelli drill.

ESPNChiBears Fastest i've seen tommie harris weave around dummys. I like it.

ESPNChiBears Players hazing harrison. 'look at those fresh legs!'

ESPNChiBears Mark anderson a spinning fool around dummys.

Vxmcclure23 Peanut Tillman in long sleeves and jogging pants on hottest day. He says he wants to sweat since he's not practicing.

ESPNChiBears Cutler to bennett. Beautiful route and throw. Bennett drags the feet in bounds.

ESPNChiBears Bowman rips ball away from knox.

ESPNChiBears Hanie strong out pass to iglesias.

BradBiggs Caleb hanie at qb with 2nd team today after 2 days of basanez

vxmcclure23 Rook al afalava working with second team at safety.

ChicagoBearscom Cutler completed 3 straight in 7-on-7, then was intercepted by Urlacher, who dropped deep in middle in cover-two.

ESPNChiBears Hester burns vasher for TD in redzone.

ESPNChiBears Cutler burns pass to olsen. That thing was moving.

ChicagoBearscom Mark Anderson and Tyler Reed start scrum in pass rushing drill. Other linemen join in. Fan yells "save it for the Packers!"

BradBiggs And at left guard today ........ Josh beekman

ESPNChiBears Alex brown shaken up.

ESPNChiBears Brown looks to be okay. Taking a break.

ESPNChiBears Alex brown back on the field.

ESPNChiBears Cutler deep to olsen down the sideline. Between pisa and manning.

ESPNChiBears Big cheers for waddle. No surprise.

ESPNChiBears So much for maurice Miller. Waived. He gone.

ChicagoBearscom Greg Olsen makes 1-handed catch from Cutler, shielding ball from Lance Briggs.

BradBiggs Back 2 the drawing board Wildcat 2 hester and he can't come even close to rideau with pass. Might want 2 let cutler throw

ESPNChiBears Jay cutler runs the option? Little option pitch to hester.

Vxmcclure23 Another brawl. Bennett and bowman. Chris Williams jumps in to defend bennett. Kreutz tries to take down idonije.

DavidHaugh Chippy practices are never bad signs at training camp -- only surprise is the peace lasted to Day 5

DavidHaugh Mark one more WR off emergency list of Bears: Toomer signs with Chiefs

BradBiggs Packers playing musical chairs on O-line

DavidHaugh Bears WR coach Darryl Drake held court at dining hall -- and staff does not have a guy who is any more candid and compelling

vxmcclure23 Special teams coach Dave Toub almost ran over the franchise with his bike. Cutler never flinched.

BradBiggs Bears and olivet nazarene have signed contract for camp in bourbonnais in 2010

DavidHaugh Overcast in Bourbonnais, but the tornado sirens work....that was a test, right?

ESPNChiBears Serious note-marcus harrison's mom battled cancer. One reason for the weight gain.

ESPNChiBears doesn't excuse it, but i think we can all relate to family issues.

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