Because it's the cool thing to do... and I have low self-esteem...

Here is how I see the 53-man roster breaking down:


Quarterbacks (2): Jay CutlerCaleb Hanie

 - This one is pretty clear

Running backs (4): Matt ForteKevin Jones, Adrian Peterson, Garrett Wolfe

 - If one of them is cut I honestly think it will be Jones (surprise).  The coaches are wtaching the same games we are, and Kevin Jones has turned into an inferior version of Adrian Peterson.  The only reason I think he'll make the squad is because running back is a position where you have to anticipate some attrition.

Fullbacks (1): Jason McKie

 - He has surprisingly impressed me this offseason.  He came out like a man in danger of losing his job and he has successfully defended it.

Wide receivers (7): Earl BennettDevin HesterDevin AromashoduJohnny Knox, Inglesias, and  Rideau

 - I know the big debate is which one will get cut.  Frankly, I just don't see the Bears willing to give up on any of the young guys.  If I had to pick a guy to be cut, it would be Davis because keeping Wolfe and Peterson already shores up our special teams .  That being said, I have trouble seeing the Bears cutting any of these guys, and after doing the math, I think they may keep them all.

Tight ends (4): Desmond ClarkGreg OlsenKellen Davis, Michael Gaines

 - Michael Gaines versatilty saves his roster spot.  He can come in if McKie goes down.

Offensive linemen (8): Josh BeekmanRoberto GarzaOlin Kreutz, Kevin Schaffer, Dan Buenning, Chris Williams,

Frank OmiyaleOrlando Pace

 - This has shaped up pretty clearly.

Defensive linemen (9): Anthony AdamsMark AndersonAlex BrownJarron GilbertTommie HarrisMarcus HarrisonIsrael IdonijeAdewale Ogunleye,  Henry Melton

 - Melton is the only guy who seems to be on the bubble.  The Bears drafted him knowing that he was inexperienced, and needed time to develop.  I just can't see them giving up on them yet.  Toeina (sp?) is the only other guy I see as on the bubble.

Linebackers (6): Lance BriggsFreeman, Pisa TinoisamoaNick RoachBrian UrlacherJamar Williams

- I'll miss Hunter, but the Bears will not give up on a rookie like Freeman.

Cornerbacks (5): Zackary BowmanCorey Graham,  Charles Tillman, Nate Vasher, Rod Hood

 - McBride has played himself into contention for a job... at local restaurant.  With Daniel Manning, we do not need 6 corners.

Safeties (4): Josh BullocksDanieal ManningAl AfalavaKevin Payne

  - Steltz hasn't shown anything, and he hardly has the athleticism for us to worry about untapped potential.  He simply is what he is and that it a slow saftey.

Specialists (3): Robbie GouldPatrick MannellyBrad Maynard

 - Barring some sort of miracle or disater, this is set in stone.


Thank you to JBragg for doing the hard work so I can copy and paste.

I don't know about you guys, but I get awfully whenever I review this roster (or the roster you guys have posted).  I think it would look awfully good on an over-priced "Super Bowl Champions" T-Shirt.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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