NiqueBears Big Board for the Bears draft (Rounds 3 and 4)



3rd and 4th round big board

#1 Myron Lewis, FS, Vanderbilt-  Free Safety has become more of a top priority this off-season than Offensive Lineman.

#2 John Jerry, OG, Ole Miss- The hiring of Tice ensures that the Bears are going to a power running attack. John Jerry at  335 pounds is a punishing running blocker that would fit well in Mike Tice run blocking scheme.

#3 Lindsey Witten, DE, Connecticut- The death of Gaines Adams makes Defensive End a top priority. Lindsey Witten is a 3-4 rush linebacker but projects as a Defensive End at the next level.

#4  Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame- The Bears need a heir apparent to Olin Kruetz. I've seen no indication that Josh Beekman is ready to fill that role.

#5 Joel McKnight RB, USC- Probably won't be there in the 3rd round, but if he is there he can't be ignored. The Bears need a change of pace back to go with Forte and Bell.

#6 Robert Johnson, FS, Utah- A big FS who had pretty good senior season with 70 tackles,(4 for loss) 6 pass deflections, and 6 interceptions.

#7 Sergio Render, OG, Virginia Tech- Sergio Render can be a good NFL starter at the next level. He plays with a mean streak which is what the Bears need in the interior line.

#8 Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri- 6-5 215 pounds caught 113 balls for 1,781 yards, enuff said.

#9 Mitch Petrus OG, Arkansas- Was All-SEC second team in 08 and 2010 for the razorbacks. Bears need interior lineman that can get a push and open up holes for Forte and Bell.

#10 Jay Ross NT, East Carolina- Time to put Marcus Harrison on notice.

#11 Jared Veldheer, T, Hillsdale- Very good athletic tackle that you can develop behind a veteran.

#12 Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky- His ceiling is very high. Very athletic, good blitzer, good in pass coverage, this guy can be a pretty good ILB at the NFL level.

#13 Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida- Charles Tillman has been injury prone for the last 3 seasons. Time to develop another physical corner behind him.

#14 Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State- Might fall in the draft because of his recent ACL tear, but he's a very smart LB, has good instincts, and a bruising hitter.

#15 Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech- If you have Patience this guy can develop into a good starting WR. Georgia Tech offense was very run oriented, and they wide outs are not taught to run proper routes. Get him paired up with a good WR coach (whether Darryl Drake is that, is debatable) and he can blossom into a starting WR.

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