Bears Win in Spite of Collins, I Need Your Help, and The Best of the in Game Thread.

Lovie's not the only coach who can appear completely baffled during a game....

Well, some are calling it an ugly win and some are saying we simply beat a bad team.  I really don't care.  We won.  We're 4-1 and we lead the north.  But enough about the game. I have an issue and I need your help.  So read on for the best of your in game comments, the academy award winners, and my enormous conundrum after the jump.

Images_medium A "buddy" of mine recently sent me this "gift".  It is an officially licensed NFL product.  How? And more importantly why?  I'm not sure what to do with it.  Clearly it is about as close as you can get to some novelty item like officially licensed team tampons or something but it is Bears merchandise so I can't just burn it or throw it away.  I'm not against merchandise geared toward the female fans but this is just plain ugly.  It's a freaking handbag!!  May as well throw on a bunch of sequins and a flashy light.  Not even a decent purse, which would still be bad, yet acceptable.  Clearly no self respecting Bears fan, male or female, should even acknowledge that such a thing exists and it might even be blasphemous posting it here but I just had to share this.  Apparently my "friend" has a great sense of humor.  He has trapped me with this thing and I'm not sure what to do now.  My wife said she'd take it to the Bears game when we go in December and I told her if she did it would be a long walk back to Iowa.  I just thought I'd get your thoughts on this officially licensed thing.  But enough of this crap, let's read some of your crap in this edition of the best of the in game thread.

We start our evening with this strange exchange...  

Doshi:  Wow, where'd that hole come from?   Can somebody plz plug stuff?  


Maelvampyre:  I can't see the game yet but reading these posts sounds like my honeymoon night  


Spongie:  Does this go as far as "Chris Harris laying the wood" ?  


Maelvampyre:  lol yeah cause the game download keeps hanging up for me lol  


Later we get...  

DaHamsta:  11 in the box.  


David Taylor:  Maelvampyre not this one I hope 


 I think we all can agree with this....  

chi_til_eye_die:  wow can we play carolina 10 more times???   


Let's not get ahead of ourselves here...  

Allie:  Reports of Forte's awfulness may just be overstated. Woah.  


Way to jinx it guys......  

CloudyFuture:  All I can say is  START TODD COLLINS!! Been awesome Has not thrown an incomplete pass yet!   


David Taylor:  so...  does Collins have a perfect passer rating through two series?  


Allie:  Turner would stop trying now and let the defense win the game.  



Is there a woman on WCG who isn't hot for Peppers?

Doshi:  Pep is a man's man.  


awfullyquiet:  Ladies man too.  What can you say about a man with nice hands?  


For a running theme

Johnathan Thompson:  Looks like  I won’t be punting squirrels today  


On our illustrious challenge calls... 

Trey23:  do the bears not have eyes in the booth  Or i s lovie just an idjit?  


Spongie:  Tom Cable reminds me of the trolls in the Lord of the Rings films.  



Allie:  I'm just proud Lovie didn't  call a TO before throwing the flag.  Very small (if any) progress is about all expect.  



Trey23:  FOX Called timeout and then threw the flag! Haha   


suckmyditka:  what a gosh darned  fool  (edit) Lovie   




Kev H:  Alright. that enough to get Collins out?  



CloudyFuture:  Think  it will take 2 more IMO…..  



Johnathan Thompson:  INT  Yes I can punt rodents now  


Maelvampyre:  sad when I have to wear reading glasses to see a flipping (edit) Bears game …on the laptop computer!  


Arbusto:  If I want bad decision making  I think we could have kept Grossman.  


True, true....

ifuwannacrownem:  no way can hanie play worse  


LightsOutVegas:  maybe if he lost the use of his arms  



borikua:  Small hands?  


Johnathan Thompson:  It's ok  I can hold it for you  


Maelvampyre:  thats what she said 


 I'm waiting for the story behind this....  

Maelvampyre:  dang (edit) dog is killing the neibhors cat gotta run be back asap  

Cosmis:  Todd Collins  is like Cutler mixed with Favre combined with excrement (edit).  


Dakoose:  Remember one game last year when lovie abandoned a successful running game because he said the other team would eventually adapt and stop it? That ridicilous (edit) logic is back.   



MPG:  That was on Collins   


Johnathan Thompson:  I heard his  Nursing home is looking for him  


Basketball Smurf:  he is the 3rd best QB in the nursing home Bears didn’t want to pay the other 2  

62bearsthebest:  we can start calling Lovie "dumb as a box of fox's"  


You know its bad when you get..... 

 louslovechild:  I miss Craig Krenzell  


Great question, someone smart find the answer please...  

BearingDown21:  Is this game the most times a Martz Offense has run the ball? Just Wondering.  


The plot of the story thickens  

Maelvampyre:  Allie the voice of reason. Thanks for that calming effect. I just cleaned up a dead cat and it involved the use of a bucket and mop.  



Collins or Clausen?  Cause ya know, either way.....  

Cosmis:  I'm so glad we have this bumbling clusterpoop (edit) of a quarterback playing today. 


 suckmyditka:  Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan  Make a cute couple <3  


Clever and pithy...

 Arbusto:  Alright, let's get some turnovers!  

Juperee:  Apple for me, please.   


I'll bet Cameron would have played about the same but.....  

Cosmis:  Collins  reminds me of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s day off.  Physically, at least.  



And now the Academy Award Winners.....


This is epic...  Best conversation of the night....

Allie: Sometimes I wish SBNation had the word substitution like Fark does. That way every time someoene said Hanie it’d change to something like "boobies" or "shite". Because its starting to get on my nerves.  

Arbusto:  I'd agree with statements like  "Boobies now!" "Bring in boobies!" "The crowd wants boobies!"  

Spongie:  But not "The crowd wants shite!"  

Arbusto:  I dunno  Poop is always funny.  

Allie:  not when its wearing a Bears uniform  

Arbusto:  Do you think anybody would want to tackle  A giant running turd? See, that’s funny.  

Spongie:  So that explains Benson’s breakout season last year.  



For sheer randomness and what sound like the beginning of a joke  

Juperee:  I had a pet rat named Pickles when I was in college.  She would crawl into one of the clear hamster tubes and just stay there, so she looked like a pickled rat.  


This one made me spit out my beer....  For most painful edit.....  

Doshi:  Cut Brandon Manufudgehesux.  (edit)



For best speculative sarcastic conversation we have.....  

Cosmis:  "So, Mike?"  "How hard should I suck here? Should I overthrow it or just dispense with the suspense and throw a pick 6? How many times should I get sacked on this play? I really need some guidance here, man, I don’t know how to approach this."  


For best movie reference in reference to Collins QB rating... 

tfrabotta:  Mr. Blutarsky...0.0 


Comment of the night... 

T-Train:  Of course Hester dropped it....... Nobody told him that Collins had started throwing to his own teammates yet.  




On a serious note, and damn I hate doing this in a post I love to have fun with, but we had an argument break out over appropriate commentary for the in game thread.  This is my take and should not be confused with any official WCG stance.  The in game thread is kind of a free for all of reactions to the game play.  Sometimes people say something stupid or offensive.  I myself have been called out for crossing the line.  What I think we all need to keep in mind is that what gets said here gets said in the heat of the moment.  Wishing harm on players or coaches can be sarcastic and satyrical or it can be something stupidly uttered in an emotional moment.  I'm in no way condoning people making ridiculous utterances but some of those utterances wind up here because, dang you guys are funny when you get all worked up.  I think we all need to show some more tolerance in the "open" threads and if someone's being an idiot, flag em or ignore em.  Don't let it ruin your involvement in the in game threads though, this crap is too good to ignore..... Thanks for playing again guys.  Join me again next week for some more...  Oh and what about that dang handbag.....

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