The reality of who we are.

The Seahawks' game perfectly exemplified the Chicago Bears.

Some things we expected, we've had the same problems for a while, and they came as no shock.

1. A poor roster, as defined by the man from whom all of our problems stem. Jerry Angelo.

2. A desperate offensive line, being constantly rejigged a la musical chairs. Omiyale/Webb. HELLO? Who do you think is going to pick up the blitzers on the edge ?

3. Desperate receivers who can't grasp a playbook that is too complicated and frankly unrealistic. In the absence of a competent offensive line, simplicity is key.

4. A desperate secondary which allows teams to march up and down the field keeping our defense dog tired.

5. A glaring lack of a bruising RB/FB. Anyone not forsee Marshawn Lynch bruising through our defensive tackles?

6. Martz over-reliance on, and tendency to pass the ball. Even against the second worse pas defense in football - they knew we were going to pass, and that tends to help the defense Mike. Little tip there.

7. We have no running game. Putting up 200+ yards against the 27th rush defense in the NFL and an 0-5 team does not a rushing attack make.

These things we knew (or most of us did) coming into the game. But the Seahawks game threw up a few things for me personally which have been bubbling away under my skin and have just burst through to the surface, no longer to be contained :

1. The elephant in the room with Bears fans. Mr. Robbie Gould.

Now I'm not going to crucify anyone for missing a 54 yard field goal. It happens. "But he's the third most accurate kicker blah blah yada yada."  So what!!  If you can't even reach the goal posts on a 54 yarder, if you can't kick the ball in the vicinity of a 60 yard attempt ... you shouldn't be a kicker in the NFL. You haven't got the necessary tools to do the job. Three hundred million people in the country. Somebody else can.  "But he's automatic inside 40 ..." - SO SHOULD THEY ALL BE !! Start trying out rugby kickers - plenty of them around the world. Sixty/seventy yards - BANG! - no problem. It's not beyond the realms of human possibility. If we have Scobee on our team  - or whoever - then we win last night. We sucked, granted. No 3rd downs converted, but we could have won that game, just like the other games we won.

2. Mike Martz is insane.

I won't repeat the oft quoted definition. But he keeps doing it. 11 passes in a row ? Really? Think the defense doesn't know what's coming next Mike? Can't run it? Screen passes perchance? Counters? Traps? Misdirections? Draws? Three 3rd downs converted in 40 attempts over three games? Really? Sorry buddy, the buck has to stop somewhere. Somebody has to be accountable for that, and oh, I think I'm putting that on the OC.

3. Jay Christopher Cutler.

Defended the boy since he got here on all four corners of the Interweb. Love a cocky gunslinger. What now Jay? My quarterbacking hero is/was Jim McMahon. The smartest guy Ditka said he ever coached. Jimmy changed the plays so much that he was basically the defacto  Bears' OC. He drove Ditka mad, but he got it right more often than not. We scored. That was that. He was Peyton Manning 15 years before Peyton Manning. He audibled DB blitzes before the DB moved up to the line, he was that good. Dare I say it, even Kyle Orton reads defenses better than Jay Cutler (and no, that's not a call for Kyle Orton, just a fact). Today's word is 'audible'. See something you don't like? Change it. Old man Kreutz is asleep again on the job? Call the assignments yourself. Protect those edges. Omiyale and Webb are too dumb to pick it up ? Do it for 'em - it's your team.

But here's the other worrying thing - even when he did have time to set and throw ... virtually every pass was overthrown. Zero accuracy. He was cleared to play, so concussion is not an argument here. Are we beginning to see why Denver let this guy go ? How many more times can we defend him by saying he has no protection? He gets time to throw *some* of the time ... and does he carve up defenses then ? Not really, no. He's still just as likely to throw into triple coverage over the guy's head into the welcoming arms of a deep safety. One, two, three ... set your feet, release. Be it into the ground, up in the bleachers or out of bounds - don't care, just get rid of the ball. Just
do it four or five times a game and you'd be a much improved quarterback. We love you Jay, but in the way a mother loves her perpetually misbehaving adopted child.

4. Where's the beef?  Didn't we miss out on Brandon Marshall et al because we spent all our pennies in the one shop? Julius, you cost us some serious wedge dude. Looking good against bad teams isn't going to cut it. We paid you above and beyond - we need you to be very special indeed. You were supposed to make our whole line better. Mr. Angelo, you've been tending to the defensive line at the expense of almost every other position - so where's the pressure? Cover two doesn't work without pressure from the front four - y'know - like the front four that the Giants killed us with? Charles Grant - you're up next. let's see what Angelo saw in you, Sir.

5. Mike Tice.

Hiestand was gone. Ding dong the witch is dead. Now we had a guy who knew the time of day. Or did we ... ?

6. Daryl Drake.

Why is this guy still employed again?

7. Lovie.

Last but not least, Lovie. You pace the sidelines ... looking up at those screens ... looking as if you're doing long division in your head. No emotion. No expression. Nothing. A very guilty bystander during the weekly car crash. Get thee hence to endless night, Lovie, and take your idiot friends with you.


We're still top of the division you say. The Seahawks were coming off a bye week after a big shiny new acquisition in Marshawn Lynch. The line needs time to gel. There's a ways to go yet. But fail to prepare and you are preparing to fail. And Jerry, oh Jerry, how you have failed us ....

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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