Is It Really All Jay's Fault ?

After or most recent debacle I've noticed a the Jay Cutler haters comin out in force . You wanna know the sad thing about that ........ most of them were Bears fans not Broncos fans . Thing is Jay Cutler can't do it all by himself . His supporting cast needs to give him just a little help for he and the Bears to succeed . Lets take a look at what some of the real issues are and why Cutler is still a great young QB right after the jump . 

Lets start with the obvious ........ the offensive line . Our O-line is on pace to get Jay killed . We have zero chemistry up front and it shows on a game to game basis . These guys looked lost aginest the blitz the last few weeks . Our run blocking is , lets be honest , just bad and our pass blocking is nonexistent ( just ask Jay ) . How does all of this effect Cutler you ask ? Well lets just let a certain coach named Ditka tell ya .........

"He's shell-shocked," Ditka, an ESPN analyst said Monday on "Mike & Mike" on ESPN Radio. "He's making mistakes that he normally wouldn't make, and I think it's because of the pressure. He's trying to do too much, and you can't do anything because of the pass protection and the way the plays are designed."

And yet another nugget of wisdom from the coach ........

"You're going to make a mistake once in awhile. The first thing we learned under [former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom] Landry is if you're going to throw the football you've got to protect the quarterback. And if you can't protect the quarterback, run the football. I don't know how to put it any other way. We've come to this technical game now in pro football where everybody wants to throw it all over the ballpark. That's all fine and well if you've got receivers, a good quarterback and you can protect him. But if you can't protect him, don't mess with it."

That shell shock the coach is speaking of is squarely on the backs of the O-line . They have got to block better in order for Jay to get the ball out to his recievers or just get the ball out of his hands period . Now should he get rid of the ball quicker in certain cases ? Yes . At times he holds the ball too long , but yet again like the coach says hes holding the ball too long because he realizes that he is the offense . But this is also a product of a certain OC refusing to do anything other than pass the ball .


Mike Martz is also a large part of this problem . His past few games have lacked balance and have allowed the opposing defenses to tee off and simply rush the passer . His 11 run calls aginest the Seahawks and 14 aginest the Redskins ( while averaging 4.1 a carry aginest the Skins ) are pathetic . His play calling started off nothing short of masterful aginest the Lions , Cowboys & Packers . He called a good game aginest the Panthers in most part because he had to run the ball because of Todd Collins horrid play . But recently it seems like hes ignoring our weakness and just wanting Jay to make it happen with no help . His play calling in all of our loses has been just plain bad . He's putting the QB in harms way every play and doesn't seem to care at all . Running the ball helps your QB and keeps the defense honest . Another thing a running game can do ...... take pressure off your QB . Martz is as much to blame for Jay's most recent struggles as Jay is . Jay is running the play called and running for his life too . Which brings me to my next issue , Jays recievers quitting on their routes .


Johnny Knox , Devin Hester , Devin Aromashodu and Earl Bennett all have something in common , they've all quit on a route ( be it this season or last ) that have resulted in a Cutler INT . This last game Knox and Hester both quit on routes and put 2 INT's on Jay Cutler that should have been either incomplete or caught . After all in Mike Martz's system its all on the reciever to be in the right place at the right time and not quit on the routes . So really of the 4 picks Jay tossed aginest the Redskins really there were only 2 that can be placed , without a doubt , on Jay . So really how can some of you guys go lay all the blame on Jay when hes getting zero help from his surrounding cast ?


Jay has shown on numerous occasions that with time he can tear a defense apart . Hes shown that when the O-line does their job , when Mike Martz does his job and when the recievers do their job that he can be an elite QB . Look at Cutler in Devner , his line gave him time and he played great , but with no help from his offensive teammates and/or his offensive coaching staff its hard to say that hes the only reason we're losing . Jay Cutler is the main reason we won 3 of our 4 games this season and some folks out there seem to forget that .


On a side note , are we all overlooking how well Rod is coaching the defense and calling the defense ? Hot Rod has our defense playing top 10 football and that seems to be getting overlooked . Or wait is this still Lovie's puppett and Lovie deserves all this credit ?

Heres the link to all of the Ditka interview .

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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