Fantabulous Bears Win Followed by the Best "Best of the in Game Thread" EVER!

Jay Cutler or the ghost of Sid Luckman rising from the mist? The jury's out....

First of all, let me say that the title is not an exaggeration.  As I was reading through your comments I found myself saying, "Dang, this might be the funniest comment ever..."  and later as I read I said it again and again.  You people were absolutely on your game.  Maybe we as fans reflect our team.  Great game by the Bears, and a great in game thread by you.  Join me as I recap the thread and struggle to keep it under 100 comments.  This is a long one but a good one.  (No TWSS comments)  I’ll even try to throw together an Academy Awards section but it’s gonna be hard (again, no TWSS).  Enjoy yourselves (dang I’m on a roll) after the jump....

We start with some pregame observations including a valuable reason for Frank Caliendo’s sketches on FOX.... 

Arbusto:  Frank Caliendo is so very unfunny.  Decent impressions. Zero funny.


Allie:  he was mildly amusing for about 4 minutes. 8 years ago.  Don’t blame him for cashing in while he could, but damn.


Arbusto:  I blame Fox for continuing to pay him for terribleness.


Allie:  I still love their pregame show I just use that 5 minutes they give to him to find food. it works for me.


I’m not sure where we’re going with this but.....

pygreg:  I wish my gf had Bennet's hands Wait, what?


DieHardBearsCubs:  No, that came out right


But I like apes (in a funny poo throwing sort of way).....

Maelvampyre:  The O line is looking good


VegasCubFan:  Pretty as a picture--- of an ape


Not that I’m against talking about how players on rival teams look but this was....?

RexysMidnightRider:  Am I the only one who thinks Clay Matthews looks like a ripped Joe Dirt?


Dils:  Or just on steroids


Chitownproduct:  He looks like a caveman actually, prominent brow syndrome.


Cosmis:  Matthews looks like Joe Dirt if Batman kicked him into a vat of steroids.


Too weird to not make it or am I missing something....??

CloudyFuture:  Think peterson was stunned that the hole was so big…..


BODdaBEAR:  unlike his experience two nights ago?


Later we get....

RexysMidnightRider:  How long until AP coughs one up? bets?


BOBdaBEAR:  is this a carry over from his experience two nights ago?


Nicely put.....

TheMan1:  Mr Peppers On todays menu Brett Farve with a nice AP sauce. Enjoy and make sure you come back for 4ths and 5ths


Oddly enough after a too long discussion of Avatar we get this comment....


RexysMidnightRider:  "it was pretty but i got bored." Just described most of my relationships


Oh No She Din’t...... SNAP!

Allie:  Look, chick. your necklace is ugly. stop hocking it on my tv while i’m watching football!


Arbusto:  This may be my favorite thing you've ever said.


Later we get probably my favorite thing she’s ever said....

Allie:  life lesson time: favre sucks all the funny out of life.

Only in the Favre controlled media would you hear such things.....

Blackheartnopants:  Only McNabb has been hit as much as Favre? Jay Cutler would like a word with you, FOX Sports.


This commentor’s on fire.....

RexysMidnightRider:  I would say we've been bend but don't break...but we’ve been more bend over but don’t break


And this is why I love attending home games.....

mike b:  nice they show the hot chick and she’s throwing up the double birds.


Allie:  gotta love chicago


Because I actually feel like I’ve gotten to know and like her (don’t we all?)......

Maelvampyre:  Returning…with a cooler of brewskis, Wanda, and a bicycle pump.


For sheer amazingness we get this from PrincetonCubs.....


This amazing clip



Punny.  Very punny....

Arbusto:  Much improved.  Knox on wood.


Just cause I love the analogy.....

Joe Banks:  Our line is looking pretty acceptable... Is like saying "after six beers, you’re wife isn’t quite so ugly"


Sorry to our female readers but this next conversation just gives me the giggles...

RexysMidnightRider:  I'm getting up, beer anybody?


Maelvampyre:  Let Wanda get that


Allie:  make me a sammich


RexysMidnightRider:  But, I'm not a woman.


Maelvampyre:  we need a caterer


After the news that Berrian was out we get....

RexysMidnightRider:  I'm glad that penis (edit) hurt his penis (edit)


Curious reaction to bad coverage by the Bears.....

Maelvampyre:  Oh Good lord Just pulled the plug on Wanda… Tim JEnnings what are you thinking!!!


Temper temper young lady  (oh and HAPPY BELATED (but not as I type this)  BIRTHDAY!!)...

Allie:  watching favre celebrate makes me want to kick squirrels! feminine hygiene product (edit).


GOD! You people are FUNNY.....

Allie:  can't see fox's new icons anyone tell me the TO situation?


mike b:  he's a prick oh, i see.


I was thinking the exact same thing.....

Gaak:  The Vikes Should Keep Childress his incompetence helps us.


Dang ROTFLMAO!!  You people KILL ME.....

Allie:  the site acting jumpy and slow as molasses for anyone else?


Arbusto:  Not for me.  I blame the refs.


Gaak:  Did You Just Describe Tommie Harris?


After the Favre (dang I hate it when i have to think about how to spell his name) fumble...

Maelvampyre:  yes!!! Bears got it back!! sailing Wanda across the den!!!


I love confusion...

CloudyFuture:  Big Toe hurt as welll…..Taken to back no word on what is wrong…..


Allie:  do what?


CloudyFuture:  Zaidman said Toenia taken to locker room to look at an injury…..Did not say what it was though…..


Allie:  i thought you'd hurt your foot taking one in the back.


For the great question even though it was a misunderstanding.....

Arbusto:  Nice tackle by whoever that Viking was.


torch:  How can you mistake that 400 lbs fat(backside) (edit) for anyone besides Williams?


How true, almost Madden like....

Arbusto:  "He catches that ball and that's a touchdown"  The wisdom of Tony Siragusa.


Maynard did seem a little off but really....?

Maelvampyre:  i think that is Virginia McCaskey in Maynard's uni doing the punting today


Chitownproduct:  or Betty White


Maelvampyre:  would prefer Barry White


Because we all thought it but this expressed it perfectly.....

Cosmis:  Dear god Hester just broke about 15 tackles. Childress is an idiot.


Because we actually had a well called game offensively we get this observation...

Joe Banks:  How hard it must be for Martz to run the ball this often...


Maelvampyre:  he must suppress his inner child


With some type of typo/misspelling we get....

CloudyFuture:  Knox getting retapped coming back in soon……


suckmyditka:  He's wearing a wire?!?!? TREASON! HES TAPPED!


Great use of innuendo.....

Dils:  Hell I'll take 3 here


Maelvampyre:  not touching this one


I said it then and I’ll say it now. Simple, to the point, yet bizarre.  I like it.

suckmyditka:  Holy richard (edit)


This one is just too....?

Chitownproduct:  Pour it on baby, Pound them Queens


suckmyditka:  sounds sexy


Maelvampyre:  i just threw up a little



Even though he caught the mistake and corrected it we have this little quip....

ThorCo:  Vikings WR's and TE couldn't catch a could today


RexysMidnightRider:  Percy catches a could Newest Dr. Seuss book


Great questions, let’s hope it wasn’t all a mirage....

Joe Banks:  Ever see a UFO? I’m having trouble coping with our offensive line play today… did I just see that?


Bear Lovin 21:  cohesiveness? is that what it looks like?


And now the Academy Award winners, nominated by a highly select panel of me, chosen by a majority of the voters in the Academy of me, and placed into the categories in which I decide they belong.....

For the best well thought out question, with very valid points.  We get this answer I love.....

Doshi:  I really want to know whose wife Dez Clark slept with. He’s probably our best all-around TE, one of our better skill players, and he’s been DNP-CD for basically the entire season. Do we really want more Brandon Manufudge(edit)hesux out there? I, for one, have seen more than enough of his terribleness to take a pass on him for the rest of the season. We know what we have in Dez. Good at virtually everything, great at very little, leaves everything on the field every day no matter what. Sticky hands, which we need on the goalline, precise route runner, strong and quick enough to take on most DEs in the NFL, and plays LBs competently. Why he’s never on the field is a complete mystery to me…


Allie:  No idea.


For best use of the word arbitrary in a clever quip we get....

Cosmis:  Forte? With a cutback? Blocking? Five yards? Arbitrary question marks?


For best use of personification and other English 101 stuff....

David in Maine:  OK, now let's plant a Favre tree.....


DaHamsta:  Or collect one of his eggs


During an early conversation about our O-line we get the best use of "the voice of reason" .....

Allie:  IF we're changing the definition of dominant to "looking like you might not be completely covered in excrement (edit)". then yeah. sure.


For the absolutely pithiest comment of the night (perhaps ever) .....

Dils:  Yep. He's a top 5 QB when he has protection


Joe Banks:  Quick - buy him a box of rubbers!


OK, maybe I’m overusing the word but we have a tie for pithiest comment of the night....

Chitownproduct:  lol you see CT handling Jared Allen's punk butt (edit)?


Maelvampyre:  I don't think I want to see that...


Chitownproduct:  oh trust me, it was nice


Maelvampyre:  that's what Liberace said


For the best "Is he coming out of the closet or just being VERY funny" (both?) comment we get....

Cosmis:  Conventions be damned!  I am in love with Israel Idonije!


After finding out Bennett was ill we have the comment for overall best "ishness" ....

HappyHuman:  Yeah...that was kind of TMI Did they really need to say he’s been puking on the sideline?


Maelvampyre:  could have been worse…could have been explosive colitis


And for the best new tag line from the best Viking fan poster at WCG, Robert Rence, we get.....

The Minnesota Vikings: Where we're so desperate to win a Super Bowl, we'll even sign washed-up Packers.


We’ll just call this one the comment of the night.  Sums it all up....



And the winners are Wanda, RexysMidnightRider, Allie, Olin Kreutz, Cosmis, Dave Toub, Maelvampyre and explosive colitis, the entire Viking organization with a helmet tip to Lord Favre, and anyone else who got to show off their Bears gear today at work to all their Viking fan co-workers.  In short we all play, we all win.  So keep playing!!  Thats them for this week folks.  Hopefully there’s plenty more to come when the Bears play this Thursday in Miami.  Bring it people, cause I’ll have an extra long weekend to look through them.  I’ll probably even include the regular Sunday game thread so be sure to get vocal, clever, and tough as ever.  BEAR DOWN!!

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