After a Long Chicago Bearless Weekend, We Have the Best of the In Game Thread!!!

Well, well Bears fans.  Long time no post.  This is what happens when your regular post spot is on Tuesdays and the game was on Thursday.  So we had a short week between games.  I initially worried that this would cause a drop off in internet traffic during the Thursday game.  I figured with the short week and a night game on a Thursday many of you would be unable, or (gasp) unwilling to post any comments on the in game thread.  Turns out Thursday nights are the time for Bears fans to shine.  I know I talk you people up every week but this week was truly no exception.  I found myself overwhelmed with pithy diatribe.  You people brought your "A" game this week.  So join me after the jump for the best of your in game comments - including an awards section!!

We start out with a conversation about the availability of NFL network for this clever play... 

l3ig_lvlike_43:  I have Cable and im watching the game.


Spongie:  Shouldn’t he be preparing the Raiders for their game?


Because I love the word buffooonery we have:  



Just because it introduces the question we all had most of the evening....

Johnathan Thompson:  That's it I’m getting my broom.. WHERE THE FUDGE (edit) IS WANDA


Continuing on with a theme....

Spongie:  Buffoonery? You might spell it differently in Canada, though. I dunno, everything I know about Canada was gleamed from Due South

DaHamsta:  Typo on my part Our spelling is pretty much the same as England. Colour is colour in Canada

Arbusto:  Weirdos. It’s so French to insert those extraneous vowels.


Theotherdane:  I'd settle for some Martzoolery. Go Bears!


For proof of how extensive our fanship is and for general truthiness......

Guancous:  Greetings Hey everyone, I was worried there would not be a game thread. I’m in Oxford, England and I’m staying up until 4 AM to watch the game. Oxford treats black guys far better than Green Bay. Go Bears!


iowaBear:  I've been there before - fantastic city


Guancous:  Yup  It’s no Iowa City though…


This one takes the long route for  the payoff (and I edited it severly for length)....

SJS_illini:  Aloha gentlemen!… And Allie, and HB, and any other female member that, thanks to my omitting/forgetting them, will now be looking to kick me in the testicles (edit).


pierzynskirules:  i sure will


SJS_illini:  Well this is awkward.


pierzynskirules:  why


Arbusto:  You're looking to kick him in the nuts.


Arbusto:  Which foot do you want first?


SJS_illini:  Jeez, note to self, keep a roster. Female side, Allie, HB, pierzynskirules, Arbusto…


Arbusto:  I'm not female... Do I need to go find my Halloween picture again.


SJS_illini:  Then why are YOU kicking me?


Arbusto:  I should have asked which of her feet you wanted first.


SJS_illini:  I'm not into feet. >_>


God you guys are clever....

Ditkavsworld:  Wife is at school. I put the baby to bed so now its time for the bears to do the same.


BOBdaBEAR:  send the wife to school?


Arbusto:  Put your baby to bed?


Ditkavsworld:  Put the dolphins to bed. You silly (edit) guys and your shenanigans.


SJS_illini:  Make the baby put your wife to bed?


Ditkavsworld:  U ever been virtually (edit) slapped?


Arbusto:  I'm willing to pay money to watch this happen. (Vendetta?  First a crotch kick, now this?)


SJS_illini:  Lol.  Gamethread, oh how I’ve missed thee.


Ditkavsworld:  Although if the bears wanted to put the baby to bed for me id be cool with it Especially if Ditka came over.


Hope you got it worked out and thank you sir....

Johnathan Thompson:  The heck with (edit) air force base internets. Serving the damn country and I can’t even watch some football!



RexysMidnightRider:  Every time Matt Millen started a sentence with "I think..."

I would just respond with “yeah, but you picked Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, and Joey Harrington.”


This explains a lot....  Hey all anyone else nervous???


RexysMidnightRider:  Drunk


Then we have this great exchange....

RexysMidnightRider:  I love Urlacher... but he’s never said anything even remotely interesting in an interview


Cosmis:  as a friend of mine said on twitter “it’s because he’s in a hurry to go harm someone.”


Back to a running theme....

Spongie:   Where’s Wanda when we need her mojo?


CloudyFuture:  Whos Wanda they on the Bears coaching staff? …..


Spongie:  Maelvampyre’s special friend. You don’t want to know.


SJS_illini:  Is it possible to un-know?


Arbusto:  Lobotomy, shock therapy or pierzynski's foot.


For the best Manumaleauna comment.....

Arbusto:  Ah, I always confuse him for a lineman Should realize he’s bigger than they are.


Better out of context....

BOBdaBEAR:  and the glass is half full of poison


Weird but funny....

TheMan1:  Is that Bess or is Whoopi Goldberg playing for Miami now? Anyone else see that picture


RexysMidnightRider:  Does that make Tyler Thigpen Ted Danson?


Again better off alone....

SJS_illini:  Apparently riding the defense like a small horse is frowned upon, in this establishment!

Great idea and nice shot at a defenseless Allie....

Arbusto:  Allie's favorite commercials!  We should start a paypal to get donations and buy her an open heart necklace from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.



Because I have no idea what this means.....

Johnathan Thompson:  Offensive Holding HAHA! Surprise penis(edit)bags!


RexysMidnightRider:  The worst kind of penis(edit)bags


BL3ACH:  I think the second worst kind of penis(edit)bag is more appropriate in this situation.


Nice observation.....

Spongie:  A Todd Collins sighting! On the sideline, watching Forte run. That’s as close as I’d like to see him to the action.


I’m leaving this all alone....

Ditkavsworld:  It dark when ur heads in ur rectum (edit)


Because this was called around 8 PM central time we get the bold call of the night.....

Rocko1:  D might pitch a shutout!



thehellbilly:  I would love to sneak into Troy Polamalu's house and put Nair in his bottle of Head and Shoulders


Captain obvious strikes again....

Cutler6fan8:  Whats up with Maynard?  he doesnt seem to kick very far.


RexysMidnightRider:  I think you just answered your own question


We really have too much time to think during games....

JoeCB1991:  The sideline chick just said that Cutler told Webb that he forgives him and that he patted him on the head


SJS_illini:  Aww, that's nice. Let’s all go make daisy chains together!


Spongie:  And people say Jay shows no leadership!



JoeCB1991:  Martz doesn't know the meaning of the word run


Spongie:  Well, he’s a little overweight.


On one of the many, MANY asides you guys took tonight we get...

Guancous:  Ugh I respect Joe Buck’s father. Joe Buck has blackmail photos of media executives.


Robert Rence:  a greater disappointment to his parents Then Paris Hilton.


SJS_illini:  Chip Carey would like a word. Add Paris to the room of Buck and these guys, and can we get that meteor to hurry up?



the hellbilly:  holy defecations, batman!


Snappy comeback anyone....

Cosmis:  and...Manu forgot to block again…


Arbusto:  That's why I keep confusing him with an o-lineman.


Back to the squirrels....

Johnathan Thompson:  If this isn't 7 right here.. I’m going to light a squirrel on fire


RexysMidnightRider:  PROTIP: make sure to secure the squirrel before lighting


We have a poster j-man who’s from Green Bay.  After establishing that we get...

the hellbilly:  high school in Green Bay is the best 6 years of most Packer’s fans lives


Just for the funny...

RexysMidnightRider:  Matt Millen thinks Peanut is good... it’s official, he’s awful


Darn right you do!  You get suck up of the night ;) .....

CloudyFuture:  Damn you people picking on Kev……He is a mod legend……I get anything for that? ……


Under the category of too much information we have...

Allie:  ugh can we ease up on the huge close ups of parcells? i mean. FFS. i’m already half blind.


CloudyFuture:  Yea hes not tom brady or peyton manning….Course the wife thought favre was hot so…..


Spongie:  …she’s now your ex-wife? Understandable.


CloudyFuture:  Um no but she is in love with aaron rodgers…..


BOBdaBEAR:  ouch...thats just disrespect


CloudyFuture:  Tell me about it I have to wear an aaron rodgers jersey during sex while she calls me aaron…..OK JK on that…..


Spongie:  Ditka sweatervest. Ditka facial hair. Cigar. Sunglasses. Do it.


After some banter about the need for the offense to get off the failmobile we have...

the hellbilly:  I was thinking the score-mobile, but that sounds like a paysite for, ahem, art films…


Finally we know.  Waited long enough...

Maelvampyre:  Wanda wanted me to let you all know she can't be here tonight.

…she’s at a PTA meeting.


Smart Aleck.....

RexysMidnightRider:  We've been running ever since we got off the bus.  Lovie should come up with a slogan about that…


Because we get Kev H sighting so rarely on the in game thread.....

Cosmis:  you mean Dan FAILpenter! I…I’m so sorry. Winning brings the puns out of me.


Kev H:  That's...not a pun.


Clever and well timed....

JoeCB1991:  Cutler threw his helmet again


ed_brown:  was it a INT


I think this sums up how we all felt when we saw it....



And now for your Academy Awards chosen randomly and on general whims...


Best wrecked comment of the night....

Cosmis:  And there it is... The official Tommie Harris Good Play of the Week. Brought to you by Fail.


After a lengthy conversation about drinking we get the EEEEEWWWW comment of the night....

Spongie:  Enema would work – alcohol is absorbed by the rectal lining. For some reason that’s one of the few things I recall from pharmacology / physiology lectures.

Uh, just sayin’.


Juperee:  I guess I'm a creature of habit. I am accustomed to the traditional method of imbibing. Plus, I can only assume that the backwash is more palatable this way.


We’ll put this one under Best Tell us How You Really Feel......

the hellbilly:  Deon Sanders is a blithering idiot. just the sight of him makes me want to puke.


Allie:  after millen it feels like a mensa meeting though


The best question of the night, followed up with said best answers of the night....

Culter6fan8:  OK.......I'm new. But who is Wanda?


the hellbilly:  an "inflatable" friend


SJS_illini:  Rescind that question, immediately. If you know what’s good for you.


Spongie:  A WCG game thread legend !


Best Ditka reference of the night.....

ThorCo:  Robbie's been injecting himself with needles... Needles full of Ditka blood…its like HGH and Jesus got together to make a preformance enhancer..he’s been solid at distance FG’s


I’ll end with this one.  We’ll just call it the post(s) of the night with a minor edit....

Robert Rence:  lies! That was a snooze-fest! Why did I stop watching Top Gear?


SJS_illini:  Hey, we didn't make you.


Robert Rence:  I know. I just felt the need to gripe.


SJS_illini:  Admit it.  You’re reluctantly becoming one of us.


Allie:  we're funny  who wouldn’t wanna be us?


Robert Rence:  Aside from being Because you are Bears fans You guys are alright.


And the winner is.... obviously Robert Rence for the best tag and for being a closet Bears fan parading (in the closet so to speak) as a Viking fan.  Other winners include Wanda (again), Brandon Manumaleauna, CloudyFuture, anyone who played any Dolphin player in fantasy football, Allie, Kev H, wives of men who suffer from back hair, and everyone who joined in to comment or had some fun reading this.  Join me this Sunday and bring the passion, the joy and your best comments and maybe we'll see you in HERE next Tuesday.....

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