Thoughts From NFL Week 12: Chicago Bears and Beyond

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 28: Are the red hot Falcons the hottest team in the NFC right now? Or did the Packers hand them the game? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

There were some big time games this weekend.  After having the struggling Bengals, Cowboys, and Lions featured on Thanksgiving it was nice to have some serious match-ups on Sunday.  Eagles at Bears, Packers at Falcons, Chargers at Colts, Jaguars at Giants, and Buccaneers at Ravens, were all games pitting teams with serious playoff aspirations against each other.

Some teams stepped up to the challenge and answered their critics, but we all know the critics will just drum up some new B.S. to sling around.  It seems no matter what some teams do, they'll still have that group of media "experts" and in some cases pessimistic fans that just can't help them selves from throwing some Haterade on the fire.  So with that in mind my thoughts this week will take a more negative slant as I consume some sour grapes to get myself in the proper state to honor all of the haters.

1)  Teams have just been handing the Jets their wins on a silver platter.  And the Bengals kind of laid down in the second half on that Thursday night afterthought.  The J-E-T-S are OVER - RATED (clap clap clap clap clap)

2)  I hope Atlanta fans realize the Falcons don't win that game unless Matt Wilhelm facemasks the Atlanta kick returner.  That game had OT written all over it.

3)  Yeah, the Buccaneers only lost by seven to a good Ravens team, but that game wasn't that close.  Baltimore had control throughout.  Tampa is the worst 7-4 team in the NFL, and they'll be lucky to make the playoffs.

4)  Seriously..  the 5-6 Rams are division leaders?  Give me a break, hopefully they find a way to screw up enough games so they do not make the playoffs and embarrass all of St. Louis.

5)  Dude the Chiefs suck.  You take away Dwayne Bowe and they are nothing.

6)  So much for the winning streak.  The Jaguars finally go up against a good team and they get the "L"...  figures...

7)  Big deal, the Bears don't win if they have an actual grounds crew maintaining that crappy sod.  And if Asante Samuel plays he gets 3 picks minimum.

8)  Wow, the Texans finally show some fire and passion, but it took the reeling Titans coming to town to get them going.  They'll be lucky to go 8-8 again.

9)  So Brett Favre doesn't throw a pick and the Vikings win.  Too little to late.

10)  Bottom line, if Steve Johnson doesn't choke away the game winner the Steelers lose.

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