WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Running Attack vs. Vikings front 7

The weather conditions the Bears will see at TCF Banks Stadium will most likely force them to play a more conservative attack on offense. Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images)

With it looking more and more likely that the defense will be facing Joe Webb on Monday Night Football, the Bears defense should be able to shut down the Vikings offense mainly focusing on Adrian Peterson. The Bears would only have to focus on a conservative game plan to defeat this Vikings defense that still hosts one of the more talented front 7 in the league. Playing at TCF stadium in very cold conditions, the Bears most likely will run a conservative attack against the Vikings defense. I'm looking for them to lean on the run game a lot which will open up play action passes.

This is a must win game for the Bears as if they win they will most likely wrap up the division and will only have to focus on a high seeding. The Vikings are a dysfunctional group that's maybe just looking to just get this season over with. The Bears need to come into this Monday night game and just take care of business.

LT Frank Omiyale vs. RE Jared Allen

The Tackles will be to key the running success against the Vikings in this game. Matt Forte have much of his success running on the outside and off-tackle, so it will be counted of Omiyale to get a body on Allen on the outside. Omiyale played well against Allen in their last meeting, and he will need to duplicate that performance this up-coming Monday.

LG Chris Williams vs. DT Pat Williams

Chris Williams might have a tougher time this go around against Pat Williams if the offensive strategy is to run first pass second. At the same time, Williams has been improving in the run blocking department each week and his athleticism pulling outside could benefit Forte and Chester Taylor. I don't know if Williams is there yet in his development to be able to push big defensive tackles off the line, so I expect Olin Kreutz to help Williams out against Pat.

RG Roberto Garza vs. DT Kevin Williams

It will be cool to see Garza dominate Williams, but those days for Garza and Kreutz are over. The best you can hope for is that Garza plays a solid game against Williams where there are few mistakes.

RT J'Marcus Webb vs. LE Ray Edwards

Webb at 6'8" 335 pounds should be able to have favorable advantage against Ray Edwards in the run department. I look for Garza and Webb to work effectively well together on the right side. I see Webb doing most of his damage in the second level on the linebackers, where his athletic ability will be better notice.

The Tight Ends

The Tight Ends will have their work cut out for them against the defensive ends and linebackers of the Vikings. I can see Brandon Manumaleuna lined up against Edwards when Martz throws out his Unbalance line look. I don't really want to see Greg Olsen in that same position as he is much better when he is blocking at the second level, or helping out the Tackles. The Tight Ends will establish successful in order for Forte and Taylor to break off big runs and take some pressure off the passing game.

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