Greatest Return Man Ever



WIth the record breaking punt return in the books I thought what better time than now to put any debate that Hester isn't the most dominate return man in the game to rest. 

On Sunday I was on my way to the gas station to get my wife a coke and mortgage my house to fill up my truck, well on the way there I was listening to ESPN radio.  It was the Sunday show talking about the games in progress and what not with Freddie Mitchell I believe.  I was on my way back to my house and at this time the Medowlands miracle part 2 had taken place.  That is when I heard someone, not really sure who exactly said it, that DeSean Jackson was the best return man in the league.  I laughed when I heard it said and actually said out loud (I was by myself) how is it possible they kicked to the best return man if Hester isn't playing until Monday night. 


So that brings me to the point of the post, not that it would be much of a debate here but with the record breaking return last night I thought it's time to silence the non believers who ever they may be.  Listen as I say this, Devin Hester is the greatest return man ever!  Here is a link to his stats to back that up (LINK POPS).  I think it's safe to say that Hester breaking the record in only 5 years is truly a feat, and a feat that may not ever be matched.  Now for comparison sake because Jackson is a good returner I have provided his stats here.  After reviewing the stats for both out of fairness I will only compare them as returners not receivers and only the first 3 years of their careers.


What you'll notice is that in his first three years Hester had 7 punt retun TD's and  4 KO return TD's; in comparison DeSean has 4 punt return TD's.  Looking deeper into Jackson stats he's not used as a KO returner so basically it all comes down to the punts.  Am I discounting Jackson's ability to take one back to the house and change a game?  No not in the least, I believe Jackson is dangerous whenever he gets his hands on the ball and the Giants game proved that, as a receiver Jackson has been explosive, bottom line Hester was, is and will always be the most dangerous man in the game when it comes to punt returns hands down.  He's shown it time and again and I hope that last nights performance (wish he would've ran the KO all that way) solidifies in everyones mind that he's the standard and everyone else just wants to be like him. 

Now onto some of my random thoughts about last nights game.

- The Bears put 40 points on the board, 33 of them by the offense.  <--- Me likey very much.

- Matt Forte looked strong running the ball, he almost had some Sweetness in him delivering the shoulder on some of his runs.  Chester was ok, but looks like on more than one occasion he got caught up in the Vikings run blitz.

- Mike Martz is by far the best Offensive Coordinator this town has seen in a long time.  He called a great game and mixed the run and the pass very well, would like to see better redzone performance because we could've scored about 50+.

- I was worried about the D after the first drive but they stepped up in a big way, like to see the Bears out there laying the winter lumber on folks. 

- I thought there should've been a flag when Cutler took one on the chin, what exactly was the ref looking at? 

- It was great to see them play in the elements and play well, maybe they can play in Bear Weather after all.

- I understand that Cutler has footwork issues and can improve on that, however why is it when the Bears win all the talking heads feel the need to take shots about how much he really sucks and is lucky?  A thought popped into my head at the end of the game when Favre and Cutler were shaking hands, what I saw was the torch being passed from one gunslinger to another.  Maybe it's time for people to stop wanting Cutler to be Manning or Brady and let him be Cutler.  I'm not saying he doesn't need to work on his mechanics, but is it to much to ask for someone to say job well done  you got the win you are the champs.  Instead we hear that the Bears played 3rd and 4th stringers and blah blah blah.  Look at the NFC, there are a few teams that probably don't want to play them in the playoffs.

- I think in a few years Major Wright is going to be a helluva safety for this team.

- Even though I wasn't a strong supporter of Rashied Davis, he made a great catch on a great throw.

- Hot Rod has the D believing in what he wants to do and the result is what you are seeing on the field, if this D plays flawlessly, watch out.

- Peppers is a freak.

- Nice to see Corey Wooten in the game and making an impact immediately, this only makes his draft pick look even more like a steal and truly bolster a strong DE rotation.

- I love the way Izzy is playing, he only does everything.

- Congrats again to Patrick Mannelly for playing over 200 career games as a Bear!!!

- Congrats to Cutler on win #100, now lets finish the season strong and get that first playoff win.

- Kudos to Dane Noble and his prediction of 12-4 North Champs, we got the North now we just need two more wins.  A gift in honor of the prognostication. 

- UPDATE: ESPN top NFL plays, Hester's record breaking punt return comes in at #6 while Dan Connelly is #2 and DeSean Jackson's is #1, wow just wow, the only bonus is the Hester destroyed Jackson with over 50% of the poll votes and all 50 states, but seriously... Come on man....

I think I've rambled on long enough, your thoughts and comments are as always greatly appreciated.  Oh and one more thing.... Why are we so blessed?  BEAR DOWN!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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