Alex Brown Indorses A Former Foe

Ealier today in an interview with Michael Smith Alex Brown did the unthinkable , he indorsed a Packer ( heres the link for the entire article ) . Blasphemous I know , but not when that Packer is free agent defensive end Aaron Kampman . Kampman is on the mend from a serious ACL injury this past year that cost him most of the 2009 season . Could this be what we're looking for in a defensive end ? So lets take a look at the pro's and con's of this move and compare him to another defensive end on the market this year , Julius Peppers .


  1.   Before his injury he was becoming an elite defensive end . Going back to 2006 , when his rise began , he has registered no less than 9.5 sacks ( minus this past season due to injury ) and two of those seasons registering double digit sack totals ( 2006 - 15.5 , 2007 - 12 ) . So he could definitely provide a consistant pass rush for us .
  2.  He is an underrated run stuffer from the end . His versatility and instincts allow his to read and react quickly to pass or run . This makes him an every down type of player for us , which we need desperately need from our defensive line .
  3. His knowledge of a division rival that just hammered us twice this year is a big plus in my mind . He can give their offensive and defensive calls some so that we may audible correctly , thus giving us a leg up with at least on divisional foe .
  4. Hes a blue collar , worker whom gives consistant effort on every play . Is out right hustle and desire to get to the QB is something this defense has been missing the past few seasons and would be a welcome addition to our line .
  5. We could get him on the cheap . As we all know price does play in to who we sign and who we don't sign . With JA Kampman could be viewed as a deal to good to pass up , well lets hope so anyway .



  1. He is coming off of a serious knee injury that could effect his speed and agility . For a player that survives off of speed that could be quite determental to his overall play . This injury could also effect his availability for the start of training camp and put him behind in learning the system . Also it generally takes a full year to fully recover from a knee injury . The perfect example is Kevin Jones , enough said ?!
  2. During his career he has not created many turnovers . During his eight seasons he only has 12 turnovers forced . In comparision over that same time span Wale had 17 and another hot free agent Julius Peppers had a whopping 30 .



  1. Julius Peppers - his career stats dwarf Kampmans . Heres the stat line on both :

                               Peppers : 2002 stats - 12 sacks , 1 INT , 5 forced TO's

                                                      2003 stats - 7 sacks , 3 forced TO's

                                                      2004 stats - 11 sacks , 2 INT's , 4 forced TO's

                                                      2005 stats - 10.5 sacks , 2 forced TO's

                                                      2006 stats - 13 sacks , 3 forced TO's

                                                      2007 stats -  2.5 sacks , 1 INT , 3 forced TO's

                                                      2008 stats - 14.5 sacks , 5 forced TO's

                                                      2009 stats - 10.5 sacks , 2 INT's , 5 forced TO's

                               Kampman: 2002 stats - .5 sacks , 0 forced TO's

                                                     2003 stats - 2 sacks , 3 forced TO's

                                                     2004 stats - 4.5 sacks , 1 forced TO

                                                     2005 stats - 6.5 sacks , 3 forced TO's

                                                     2006 stats - 15.5 sacks , 3 forced TO's

                                                     2007 stats - 12 sacks , 1 forced TO

                                                     2008 stats - 9.5 sacks , 0 forced TO's

                                                     2009 stats - 3.5 sacks , 1 forced TO ( before injury )


To me this seems kinda one sided . Peppers is a force plain and simple . But what kind of money would Peppers want ? Likley Albert Haynesworth type cash , but is he worth the money ? And finally Kampman could be just as productive in our system as Peppers . There are only two question left ..... First , who do you want Bears fans Peppers or Kampman ? Second , will our front office pony up the cash required to land Peppers ?


This Bears fan is good with both , but my personal preference is Julius Peppers . He's the kind of player that is just plain scary at times . With him on our defense we instantly become relevant again as a defense again . Don't get me wrong though Kampman would raise our level of play , but no where near what Peppers could .

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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