Chicago Rumor Mill : Jerry Angelo to Retire ?

In today's rumor mill we'll discuss Jerry Angelo's furure , which involves his possiable retirement in the next few years , the possiability of of more firings to our scouting and staff , our pending pre draft workout of TCU's Nic Richmond , the likleyhood of a Mark Bulger / Mike Martz reunion and which free agent / malcontent running back we all would prefer we go right after the jump ..................

  • Is Jerry Angelo planning to retire soon ? Well one source seems to think he may retire before the 2013 season , when is current contract runs out . This could be why we've seen so many new faces at Halas Hall .      My Take on this : This could really happen and it could be very good for the Bears . Jerry has done an average job to this point and we may need a fresh start in our front office . In my opinion he deserves this season to right the ship and try to get it back on course but this retirement aspect effects more than just him . Does this mean the end of Lovie ? Who knows , but this season is a make or break for us as an orginization from the top down .( check the full story here )
  • Are our front office moves done yet ? Its seems the answer to that is no . According to Greg Gabriel ( director of college scouting ) and Tim Bream ( trainer ) could be the next to " escorted " from Halas Hall . Also in a related story its seems Gabriel could be safe until after the draft .      My Take on this : Why did it take us so long to do this ? ! Gabriel is a horrid judge of talent . Take a look at what his scouting have netted us .... Dan Bazuin , Mike Okwo , Mike Haynes , Rex Grossman and Mark Bradley just to name a few of the busts he has scouted . So to say this move is long over due is the understatment of the century . Lets , since we're revamping our front office its seems , just get this over with and get some talented scouts in here so we can get some great players back into Bears uniforms through the draft and free agency . ( Gabriel safe for now article ) and (Other front office moves article )
  • Heres a BIG pre draft workout rumor . We may be looking at out right tackle of the future . Nic Richmond , of TCU , is going to pay us a visit before the combine ( Feb 26 ) , which he was not invited to , and before TCU's pro day ( March  12th ) . This guy is frickin huge ! At 6'7" and 307 pounds this senior played both tackle positions while at TCU . He's good at both run blocking and pass blocking , but is a little slow footed .      My Take on this : This kid looks the part . He's played both tackle positions and looks to be more of a right tackle to me . He has really seemed to impress us though I'm not real sure how to take that . So my opinion on him is ....he may be a stout right tackle for us to develope . With Mike Tice's tutelage this kid could become a good starter for us in the future . He has the size to be dominiate in the run game , soild techenique to be servicable in the passing game and really just needs to work on speeding up his feet a little . We'll just have to wait and see how much we really like him . ( link to his bio and us being interested )
  • Is Marc Bulger a potential back - up canidate for us ?  Well rumor has it that the Rams intend to release the 9 year vet before free agency begins ( March 5th ) . And with a cap hit of nearly 8.5 million he seems definite to be released . But will he be in Chicago ? He has an in with Mike Martz and would be a great second QB to help Jay Cutler out with the new system . Would this be a good move ? Maybe .      My Take on this : This move would make sense for a few reasons . First off it would give Jay Cutler a guy he could lean on and Jay would then be able to ask questions of Bulger's vast knowledge of Martz's system . Second it would give us a viable back up plan if Jay gets hurt . He knows the system and could fill in nicely for a few games . Personaly I'm all for it if he gets the axe in St. Louis . You can never have too many QB's .( link to Bulger maybe being a Bear story ) and ( Bulgers bio )
  • There are a glut of good running backs to be had through both free agency and via trade . Here are some that could be on the move and had for late round draft picks or player for player deals :  Marshawn Lynch - has burnt a bunch of bridges in Buffalo and seems to be on his way out . With the emergence of Fred Jackson , Lynch's play last season and his run ins with the law he may get traded . What's the asking price ? Thats yet to be determined but he has talent and fits Martz's scheme so he's an option . ( Lynch trade rumor ) ...................................Willis McGahee - his cap number is larger than the Ravens would like and with Ray Rice taking the lead dog role this could spell the end of Willis in a Ravens uniform . Asking price ? Yet again is up in the air but he may come cheap due to how bad the Ravens don't want to pay two lead dog type backs . He seems to be more of a power runner but does have the speed and abilities to fit in Martz's system . ( Willis release / trade speculation ).................. Chester Taylor - will hit free agency as one of the most intriguing runners on the open market . The Vikings would like him back but will not use the franchise tag on him thus making him free game . Asking price ? A new contract . He's said to be a perfect fit in Mike Martz's system and he'll come only at the price of a new contract which makes him even more interesting .( link to Chester to Bears rumor ) and ( link to other interested teams ).............. Reggie Bush - is rumored that due to his large cap number ( 8.25 million ) he may get cut . Also may be available via trade . Asking price ? Good question but if he released its the price of a new contract . He has everything to fit the Martz mold and if hes not an every down back this kid could be a special player . ( link to Bush rumor )........................... My Take on this : I prefer if we get another running back not to give up picks to do so , so that gets rid of at least Willis and Marshawn . As long as he released Reggie Bush is my preference . This kid has that " it " factor . He can line up anywhere on the field and creates match up issues no matter where he lines up . As long as he splits time this kid is special , but as a lead dog hes just not that kind of back . If Bush isn't released Taylor is my guy . Even at his age he is still a viable opition to split carries . He can run between the tackles , ouside , is a good blocker and a good reciever . Forte and Chester would be one hell of a one two punch !

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Chicago Rumor Mill and now let the opinions fly !

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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