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"Here we go again with another (insert team here) sendoff."

Words that have been uttered many times on this website, and for good reason. It appears that we shop for our free agents (and our coaches) in either Carolina, Detroit or St. Louis.

Below is a list of players from rosters during the Lovie Smith Regime (2004+), who had played for one (or more) of the three teams prior to coming to Chicago.

From Carolina
Basanez, Brett | 06-08 | 09-present
Gaines, Micheal | 04-06
Manning Jr, Ricky | 03-05 | 06-07
Muhammad, Muhsin | 96-04 | 05-07
Omiyale, Frank | 07-08 | 09-present
Shaw, Tim | 07 | 09-present
Wesley, Dante | 02-05 | 06
From Detroit
Belton, Keith | 04 | 04-06
Jones, Kevin | 04-07 | 08-present
Gaines, Micheal | 08
Gardner, Gilbert | 08 | 08
Owens, John | 02-04 | 04
From St. Louis
Orlando Pace | 97-08 | 09-present
Tinoisamoa, Pisa | 03-08 | 09-present
Archuleta, Adam | 01-05 | 07
St. Clair, John | 00-03 | 05-08
Miller, Fred | 96-99 | 05-08
Riley, Marcus | 08 | 08-09
Kennedy, Jimmy | 03-06 | 07

Notes: Player (Alphabetical) | With X-Team | To Bears

• • •

To be fair, it appears that they all like to shop from our roster as well. Here's a list of players that had played for the Bears prior to becoming a Panther, Lion or Ram:

To Carolina
Harris, Chris | 05-06 | 07-present
Mitchell, Qusim | 03-05 | 06
Muhammad, Muhsin | 05-07 | 08-present
Oshinowo, Babatunde | 07 | 09
Scott, Ian | 03-06 | 08
Walker, Darwin | 07 | 08-09
Wesley, Dante | 06 | 07-present
To Detroit
Barton, Kirk | 08 | 09, 10-present
Belton, Keith | 04-06 | 07
Broussard, John | 08-09 | 09-present
Bryan, Copeland | 06-07 | 09-present
Joe, Leon | 04, 05-06 | 08
McQuarters, R.W. | 00-04 | 05
Metcalf, Terrence | 02-08 | 09
Owens, John | 04 | 07-08
Tucker, Rex | 99-04 | 06-07
To St. Louis
Johnson, Todd | 03-06 | 07-09
LeVoir, Mark | 06-07 | 07
Manning Jr, Ricky | 06-07 | 08
Tucker, Rex | 99-04 | 05-06

Notes: Player (Alphabetical) | With Bears | To X-Team

• • •

So, here's a thought...

As much as I love the Bears logo, I say we make the switch to the one above and combine the four rosters. We then field a team where Matthew Stafford and Mark Bulger are backing up Jay Cutler.

This will also give our franchise quarterback some more toys. Can you imagine an offense that would include Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith and Johnny Knox? Not to mention a three-headed rushing attack of Steven Jackson, DeAngelo Williams and Matt Forte. Boost up the offensive trench with some St. Louis and Carolina linemen, and we have an instant recipe for success.

This could also return the glory back to Chicago's stable, their defense. Adding in players like Julius Peppers, Jon Beason, Oshiomogho Atogwe, Chris Harris, Chris Long, James Laurinitis and Louis Delmas with players like Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman and Al Afalava could be something very, very special.

Why settle for three mediocre teams and a Detroit, when we can have ourselves a dynasty? The preparations are in place people, let's move now and take over the entire National Football League. ¡Viva la Revolución!

Ironic enough, this post was written prior to the hiring of Mike Martz.

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