Question: Who Would You Pick for Your 'All-Payne' Team? - @Kevin_Payne


What's up, Bears fans? I wanna answer another question for you guys, and today's comes from SpleenSplitterHe asks...

"If you were putting together an "All-Payne" team and the first player you picked had to be someone off of the current Bears roster, who would you pick 1st, yourself excluded of course, and why?"

That's a really hard question to answer, because it's hard to choose players without knowing what this All-Payne team's needs are. However, I think I've got a couple shoe-ins I can mention who I know I'd most definitely pick.

On defense, I'd have to with Brian Urlacher, because of his consistency in what he's been able to do on the field for so long. I mean his presence, alone, intimidates entire teams! He's a freak of nature: he's crazy strong, crazy big and crazy quick (I think he ran a 4.4 forty!). When you couple his athleticism with his smarts, you've got yourself a team leader who's able to make everyone around him improve their own abilities. And, personally, he makes my job a lot easier, because he's able to cover so much ground out there.

With my second pick - especially for offense and special teams - I gotta go with Devin Hester, because that guy can do amazing things with a football when it's in his hands. In the two short years he's been in the NFL, I gotta say that he's probably already a Hall of Famer. I could ramble on and on about how good this guy is, and, maybe, I'll do just that in a future blog post.

So those are my two picks. Brian Urlacher would be my first and Devin Hester would be my second. But, like I said above, in order to pick the proper players, you gotta have a better understanding of what your team's needs are.

So there you have it, SpleenSplitter. I'm sorry I didn't give you an entire squad of All-Payne'ers, but I think we've now established a good starting point.

(SpleenSplitter... Email me a secret phrase and your mailing address to KevinPayneNFL at G Mail dot com, and then type that same phrase in your SBNation profile's "About Me" section. I'll match them up to verify you, so I can mail an autograph your way. Thanks, man.)


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