NiqueBears Mock Draft for the Bears Updated 3/17



3rd Round- Derek Hardman, RT, Eastern Kentucky- The Bears would be wise to leave Frank Omiyale at LG rather than switching him to RT. Yes Omiyale has experience at Tackle, but it was on the left side not the right and we saw how much a different animal Right Tackle is compared Left Tackle (Chris Williams comes to mind). Hardman is an athletic tackle that would fit well in Martz offense. He probably would be more of a project his first year, but he would provide you stability at the Right tackle position for the next 8 to 10 years.

Why not Free Safety in the 3rd round?

By the time the 3rd round comes around, the Bears would have their choosing of Major Wright, Larry Asante, Myron Rolle, Harry Coleman, Kurt Coleman, and Robert Johnson. Besides Robert Johnson, all of these safeties are tweeners and history shows the Bears have always fallen for these guys and it has gotten them in trouble time and time again. The Bears got enough guys like this on the roster with Afalava, Steltz, and Payne. I would be comfortable if they threw out the idea of drafting a later round safety, and instead going out and getting a veteran Free Safety (O.J. Atogwe).

4th Round- Eric Olsen, C/OG, Notre Dame- I would put FS Robert Johnson as a possibility here, but Eric Olsen is a better prospect and I would be more comfortable if the Bears went out and got a veteran FS. Kreutz is entering the final year of his contract, and I could see Angelo moving on from Olin after this up-coming season. Olsen would be a good project guy to let sit and learn under Kreutz  or at the very least be Garza eventual replacement after this year if management is completely sold on Beekman being the heir apparent to Kreutz.

5th round- Will Thurmond, CB, Oregon- The Bears have nothing behind Tillman and Bowman. Cory Graham while played pretty good in 08 taking Vasher spot, disappeared off the face of the earth last summer in training camp. Nathan Vasher was just released this afternoon, D.J. Moore seems to small to be a starting CB in the league. With Tillman suffering injuries for the last 3 years, and Bowman having a injury prone past, this position has become a underrated need for the Bears. Thurmond is a ball hawking CB who has the potential to be a solid starting corner at the next level. The Bears need depth behind Tillman and Bowman and Thurmond would be a pretty good back up and future replacement for Tillman.

6th round- Stevenson Sylvester, OLB, Utah- Bears have one of the best line backing depth in the NFL, but with Williams and Roach on one year deals this upcoming season, expect one of these guys to be gone next off-season.

7th round- Michael Hoomawanui, TE, Illinois- Clark might fit the H-Back role Martz is looking for, but he is up there in age and might be gone next season. The selection of Hoomawanui is assuming that Angelo goes through on Olsen wish and trade him around or on draft day.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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