Some available veterans

There are a lot of veterans who have just been or are about to be released (or could be available in trade, based on how their teams drafted) who could help the Bears fill some holes or enhance depth at key positions.  Some guys I'm keeping my eye on (feel free to suggest some others, this is by no means exhaustive):




Alan Faneca, OG, 33 yrs old (released):  discussed to death already.

Shawn Andrews, OG, 27 yrs old (released): former Eagle w/ loads of talent but some erratic behavior in his past.  He's been on the market for a while but I haven't heard many rumors about him, I'm wondering if NFL teams are shying away from him because of the prior problems.  He could be a lot of help for the interior line, however.

Jared Gaither, OT, 24 (trade): With Oher in the fold, Gaither, who's a top-10 tackle, is apparently available.  While Chris Williams is an up-and-comer at OT, Gaither is a quality player who, based on some rumors, could be available for something less than a 1st rounder (  Given we have all our picks for next year, I'd gladly send a 2nd rounder for Gaither, install him at RT over Omiyale (who can back up at both T positions) and provide Cutler with potentially premier protection at both sides. 

Roy Williams, WR, 28 yrs old (trade/potentially to be released):  the Bryant pick and the emergence of Miles Austin means Williams is probably available.  While he isn't a typical Martz WR, he is, however, the type of receiver that Cutler has historically enjoyed throwing too (big and fast.)  Main problem is the ginormous contract he signed with the Cowboys with around $28M guaranteed (50M+ total).  Based on recent production, he's not worth the $$, but he could reemerge in the right situation (just imagine a 5 wide set with Williams and Aromashodu on the outside, Hester, Knox, and Olsen on the slots...potentially so nasty..)  If he got released, I'd jump all over him, but in a trade situation, I doubt it's the right move.

Laveranues Coles, WR, 31 (released): had a decent year last year for the Bengals, 43 catches and 5 TDs; could fit in the Martz system (5'11, very quick.)  Probably wouldn't be too expensive.


OJ Atogwe, S, 28 (trade): also already heavily discussed.  Personally, I'd rather let things shake out b/w Major, Afalava, Payne, Quentin Scott at the safety position over the next few months.

John Henderson, DT, 31 (released): a former elite run stopper and an All-Pro in '06.  Hit by injuries the last couple years, but he's 6'7 330 lbs, and could be a great tandem with Harris on the inside as the penetrating DT, with Adams/Idonije backing them up.

Chris Hovan, DT, 31 (released): production fell off in TB last year and was injured, but not too old yet.  Wouldn't fit quite as well as Henderson would as a runstopper next to Harris, being substantially smaller and more of a pass rusher-type, but could provide veteran depth on the line at the right price.

Albert Haynesworth, DT, 28 (trade): would be lovely to add, but way, way too expensive on his current deal.  Same thing with his teammate Laron Landry.  

Adalius Thomas, OLB, 32 (released): Worth a look, I think, to see what the going rate is.  While Pisa is already in house, there are no guarantees at strong-side at the moment, IMO.  Thomas performed well his first year at strong-side with the Pats after leaving the Ravens scheme, but fell off the next two years (maybe due to personality conflict more than anything else). I read somewhere that he much prefers going back to the 3-4, but if he didn't get a bite there, he is an elite talent to consider.


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